Bhargava Spondin Drops, Homeopathy for Spondylitis


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Spondin drops from Bhargava Phytolabs is an effective homeopathic treatment for neck and shoulder pain (spondylitis). It contains rutin (a type of flavonoid) which inhibits the release of histamine from cells thus reducing inflammation. It is suitable for ambulatory patients, and unlike other pills, there is absolutely no discomfort like acidity and heartburn.

Clinical indications of Bhargava Spondin Drops

  • Pain, numbness, stiffness and stretching sensation.
  • Neuralgia.
  • Spondylitis-particularly Cervical Spondylitis.
  • Cramps, jerking, twitching and shortening of muscles.
  • Pain between shoulders.
  • Vertigo & headache.
  • Pressure over sacrum, spinal concussion and pain in coccyx radiating up the spine.

Composition of Bhargava Spondin Drops

Colocynthis vulgaris 3X, Ruta graveolens 3X, Hypericum perforatum 5X, Ledum palustre 2X, Cuprum metalicum 6X, Dulcamara 3X, Conium maculatum 3X,

Dosage of Bhargava Spondin Drops

Adults: 10 to 15 Drops in half cup of luke-warm water thrice a day, Children: Half the Adult dose: or as directed by the physician.

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