Adel 85 NEU-regen Homeopathy Drinking Ampoules


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Adel 85 NEU-regen drinking ampoule helps restore proper organ function and energetically balance the performance of the body through gentle regulation. In contrast, drugs such as stimulants and sedatives place even greater demands upon an exhausted body.

Clinical indications of ADEL 85 NEU-regen

  • General Physical Invigoration
  • Restore proper organ function

Composition of ADEL 85 NEU-regen

Argentum nitricum 6X, Avena sativa e , Cinchona pubescens (China) 4X, Conium maculatum 4X, Delphinium staphysagria (Staphysagria)6X,Panaxginseng (Ginseng), Stychnos nux vomica (Nux vomica) 4X, Piper methysticum 8X.

Dosage of ADEL 85 NEU-regen

Adults 1-2 times daily one ampoule with or without water Original Packing: One box containing 1 2×1 1ml sealed bottle.

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