Probust Kit with Sabal Serrulata Pills & Oil

Probust Kit for breast size increase with Sabal Serrulata Pills and Oil

About Sabal Serrulata

Sabal Serrulata also known as Saw Palmetto. Helps in ovaritis with tender and enlarged ovaries. Promotes nutrition and tissue building. Acts on membrano-prostatic portion of urethra. Iritis, with prostatic trouble. Valuable for undeveloped mammary glands.


  • Breasts are not developed.
  • Ovaries are tender and enlarged.

Probust Kit with Sabal Serr Pills & Oil 

Consists 2 most commonly prescribed medicines for Breast enlargement, firming

  • 2 dram Sabal Serr Pills 
  • Dr Raj Women Cute Oil

About Women Cute Oil

Women’s cute 36 from Dr.Raj Homoeo Pharmacy is a homeopathic formulation of herbal medicines like Sabal serrulata, Onosmodium etc each well known for its beneficial effects to make attractive and healthy breasts by increasing the size, fullness and firmness without any side effects.


Nitric Acid 6C 2.50% H.P.I.
Sepia 12C 2.50% H.P.I.
Onasmodium 6C 2.50% H.P.I.
Chimaphilla Q 2.50% H.P.I.
Conium 6C 5% H.P.I.
Sabal Serrulata Q 10% H.P.I.


Take Women’s cute 36 oil in required quantity then massage this oil from downward to upward direction on the breast with light pressure of hands daily for 2-3 minutes. Massage until the oil is absorbed completely. For best results apply twice daily.

Size: 30ml glass sealed bottle

About Sabal Serrulata Pills

Sabal Serrulata Pills is as effortlessly accessible small-sized tablets which are thawed in the mouth. The tablets are the gentlest of all cures. 


  • Active ingredients: Sabal Serrulata
  • Inactive ingredients: Lactose, Sucrose

Key Benefits

  • Pure Cane Globules
  • Medicated from German Dilutions
  • Packed in Sterile Glass vials that are odour free, neutral, strong and damage resistant.
  • Why Glass containers for Homeopathy Medicine?: Plastic containers are reactive and leach into the substances stored into them. Due to this property of plastics, the U.S. F.D.A. had classified plastics as “Indirect Additives” i.e., though they are not directly added to the substance stored in them, they definitely seep into the contained substances. Also homeopathy tinctures use alcohol which is a good solvent. When plastics is exposed to medicines, the alcohol is bound to dissolve some of the numerous chemicals in the plastic and that in turn is bound to distort the structure and action of the active ingredients present in our medicines. There is no such problem with Glass container and hence recommended.


Adult: Dissolve 4 pills under the tongue 3 times a day until relieved or as directed by a physician.

Size: 2 dram glass vials

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