Allen OrthoTone-Homeopathic Tablets for Arthritis, Muscle, Joint pain

Allen OrthoTone-Homeopathic Tablets for Arthritis, Muscle, Joint pain, Sprain, myalgia

Allen Orthotone for Arthritis (drops) is indicated for rheumatic pain of bones, joint pains, muscles sprain, spondyloarthritic pain (arthritis of the spine) and chronic myalgia (muscle pain).

Allen Orthotone Homeopathy speciality tablets for arthritis from Allen Homoeo and Herbals contains Calcarea Phos, Berberies vulg, Rhus Tox Q, Bryonia Alb., Hypericum p., for treatment of musculo-skeletal disorder of rheumatic origin. Allens range of speciality tablets are only made from HMS Lactose, Holland

Mode of action of individual ingredients in Allen Orthotone for arthritis
Berberis vulgaris: Pain in joints with urinary disturbances. Wandering, radiating pains.
Rhus toxicodendron: Attacks of pain become worse during winter, rain and dampness. Restlessness, pain and stiffness are worse while at rest. Backache.
Bryonia alba: Joints are swollen, hot and red. Pains are tearing and worse by rubbing.
Hypericum perforatum: Darting pain in the shoulders with pressure along ulnar side of the arm. Lancinating pain in the upper and lower limbs. Joints feel bruised. Hysterical joints.
Calcarea phosphoricum: Arthritic nodosities. Arthritis of the neck and shoulders with weakness and softness of bones.

Ingredients: Allen Orthotone for Arthritis: Each tablet contains: Berberies vulg 2×0.02%, Rhus Tox Q 0.02%, Bryonia Alb. 2x 0.02%, Hypericum p. 2×0.02%, Calcarea Phos. 6x 0.02%, in lactose base.

Dosage: 1 tablet thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

Size: 25 Gms

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