Bjain Omeo Strength Medicated Syrup for ED, PE, Sexual Weakness in Males

Omeo strength medicated syrup for erectile dysfunction, loss of libido

Omeo strength syrup is a medicated homeopathic syrup that addresses sexual weakness in males. It addresses weakness of man in bed through a powerful combination of homeo herbal ingredients well known for their beneficial action in the sexual sphere

Male weakness or the inability of man to perform in bed is Sexual weakness or Erectile Dysfunction, in which a man fails to attain an erect penis that is rigid enough for sexual penetration or sexual satisfaction. This may be a sign of a physical or psychological condition and known to cause relationship strain, stress, and low self-confidence. Sexual problems in Men : Causes, symptoms and homeopathic treatment with medicine list is extensively covered in our article here

Common Indications of Omeo strength:: A Homoeopathic speciality product for male problems.

About Omeo strength Product : A Homoeopathic speciality Male Tonic for addressing sexual weakness in males like Erectile dysfunction (difficulty getting/keeping an erection), Premature ejaculation (reaching orgasm too quickly),Delayed or inhibited ejaculation (reaching orgasm too slowly or not at all), Low libido (reduced interest in sex)

• Damiana Ø (0.4%v/v),
• Acidum phosphoricum 3x (1.6%v/v),
• Avena sativa 2x (2.0%v/v),
• Yohimbinum Ø (1.0%v/v),
• Agnus castus 2x (2.0%v/v),
• Lycopodium clavatum 4x (2.0%v/v),
• Cinchona officinalis 2x (2.0%v/v),
• Viburnum opulus 3x (4.0%v/v),
Excipients q.s., Alcohol content 11.0%v/v.

Dosage: As prescribed by the physician. To be taken 10 minutes before or after meals or as recommended by the physician. Caution: consult your homeopathic physician if symptoms persist or worsen.

Presentation: 100 ml

Manufacturer: B. Jain Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd

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