Oleum Santali Homeopathic Medicine Indications, Uses, Price

Oleum Santali Homeopathic Medicine Indications skin Uses benefits

Oleum Santali common name – Sandal wood, Chandan (Hindi)

Oleum Santali uses:

  • Cough – dry hacking type , unable to expel phlegm in chest
  • Proven in skin disorders – effective in acne, skin discolouration (black spots), slows skin ageing
  • Warts – can be given in warts along with conventional treatment
  • Cystitis – urine comes in fits and start, it’s a very good coolant to contain burning sensation of cystitis
  • Urethral stricture due to any reason, very useful in cases of restricted urine output
  • Dr Vikas Sharma recommends Oleum Santali as the medicine to be used when the urine stream is very slow and scanty in Urethral strictures

Oleum Santali Price: The mother tincture is one of the most expensive medicine in homeopathy and costs around Rs.4000. This is because its raw material is sandalwood oil which is pricey (around $500 per ounce). The dilution is reasonable and costs about Rs.100 per 30ml

Oleum Santali for skin: Oleum santali is traditionally used as a skin remedy for its antiseptic, and skin healing properties. It finds popular application in skin treatment products like skin creams, ointments, facewash, soaps, massage oils etc. Its medicinal use for skin is also well documented and is used in treatment of warts, black skin spots, moles (Til in hindi), dry and discoloured skin conditions.

Oleum Santali uses in hindi – चंदन के तेल में एंटीऑक्सिडेंट होते हैं जो त्वचा के स्वास्थ्य और चमक में मदद करते हैं। यह रूखेपन को भी कम करता है और त्वचा में नमी की पूर्ति करता है, लोच बढ़ाता है।त्वचा के लिए औषधीय उपयोग भी अच्छी तरह से प्रलेखित है और इसका उपयोग मौसा, काली त्वचा के धब्बे, मस्से (तिल), शुष्क और फीकी पड़ चुकी त्वचा की स्थिति के उपचार में किया जाता है। अन्य औषधीय उपयोगों में शामिल हैं; मूत्रमार्ग सख्त में कम मूत्र, सूखी खांसी, सिस्टिटिस

Oleum Santali Homeopathic Medicine is availble in the form of mother tincture, dilutions (in 6c, 30c, 200c, 1M potency) and medicated pills. Available in 30ml sealed units from Schwabe, SBL etc

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