How my goiter disappeared with homeopathy

My goiter disappeared

How my goiter disappeared with homeopathy? A case study by DrSouparno Bose’s Homoeopathy.

Nodular Goitre reduced 50% within 2 months under DrSouparno Bose treatment
Doctor says ‘I think it’ll be cured completely within 6 month’

Case History: Patient was suffering from this surgical disease since last 8 years.
She had consulted with 6 to 7 surgeons without any result.
This is for the 1st time she got positive result.
Sycotic growth on front part of neck without any pain or tenderness since last 8 years.
She was suffering from pain in knee joints with cracking sound in joints, as if knee joints would break while moving.
She angried easily but consolation from others > her anger.
Sleep – sound.
Dream – of fear, as if she will fall from a height, fear of sea water.
Sweat smelling like honey mainly on covered parts of the body.
Constipated hard stool very difficult to pass, which partly expelled & recedes back.
Dr. Souparno Bose prescribed Tree of Life 0/1 for 15 days twice daily… result is on the picture posted above

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