Medisynth Witch Hazel Cream for spots, wrinkles, acne and warts

Medisynth Witch Hazel Cream for spots, wrinkles, acne and warts

Medisynth Witch Hazel Homeopathic Cream is excellent for sensitive skin,it is a soothing non staining cream. Dr.VcNallys water soluble cream contains Hamamelis (Witch Hazel). Tones up facial skin muscle, Properties: anti Aging, anti Wrinkles, reduces acne, blotches, spots and warts. Acts as a sun screen to protect from sun burn

About Medisynth Witch Hazel Cream: Witch hazel cream tones up the facial skin and muscles to help smooth-away wrinkles, pouches and ‘Crows feet’. It helps to quickly heal capillary bleeding or damaged blood vessels, thus clearing the spots, blotches, acne and warts. This cream is completely free from noxious, toxic, allergic or immunizing side effects and is absolutely safe

Witch Hazel is also known as hamamelis virginica and is covered by both Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India and German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia.It has medicinal properties and is used in following

Skin Cleanser: It has skin cleansing properties like unclogging skin pores, and drying up excessive oil especially for acne prone skin. It does a better job than your normal face wash in this regard. It also lessens any skin scars and tackle blemishes by reducing the puffiness surrounding it, treat minor cuts and injuries like a first aid remedy. It stops formation of itchy bumps common around irritated hair follicles during razor burn while shaving. Applying after showering helps to lock in moisture treating dry skin.
Treat Eye Bags:dark circle around the eyes with puffy eye bags? You can treat it with witch Hazel liquid by applying to a cotton ball and swabbing under your eyes. Its anti-inflammatory properties will address the swelling and thus reduce the darkness as well.
Treat Varicose Veins:Witch Hazel is regarded as the aconite of veins and treats venous congestion of every kind (vercositis), bad effects from bleeding, prostration.
Sunburn treatment: Its anti-inflammatory properties is ideal for sun burn even where the inflammation isn’t obvious. It soothes the skin immediately and reduces the healing time from sunburn, and help with preventing skin peeling and flaking. Treat the sun burned skin with a wet cloth soaked in witch hazel liquid at short period intervals.
Cuts & Wounds: It serves as a handy first-aid during home emergencies because it cleanses cuts protecting them against infection and promoting quick healing.It is considered by many dermatologists as the best natural alternative to Neosporin. Its anti-itch and anti-inflammatory properties is helpful in treating bug bits

Medisynth Witch Hazel Cream Contraindication: None known

Ingredients: Medisynth Witch Hazel Cream contains: Hamamelis virginica Ext.Q, Calendula Officinalis Ext. Q.

Medisynth Witch Hazel Cream Dosage: Apply locally two times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

Size: Medisynth Witch Hazel Cream comes in 20gms tube

Manufacturer: Medisynth Ch. Pvt. Ltd

RATE/Price: MRP: Rs.90 (Buy Online!! Get 10% OFF)

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