Buy Medisynth Renakoll Syrup for Renal Disorders, Urinary Complaints

Medisynth Renakoll Syrup for Renal Disorders, Urinary Complaints, dysuria, calculi, recurrent urinary tract infection

Dr.Vcnally Renakoll Syrup is a proven combination for complaints of urinary system because it is designed to cover a wide spectrum of urinary complaints. It is helpful in cases of pain, dysuria, calculi and recurrent urinary tract infection. It will also help to prevent tendency for calculi formation by improving renal functions.

Introduction: Urinary tract infection is the term used to describe the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract with infection occurring anywhere from the urethral meatus to the renal cortex. Urinary tract infection is a common clinical problem that affects a large number of women populations annually during their lifetime. There is an increased in the rate of UTI during puberty, related in part to the onset of sexual activity and pregnancy. This problem affects primarily adolescent females; adolescent males have very low rates of infection. The diagnosis in women is further complicated because the symptoms of Urinary tract infection can be similar to those of vaginitis or a sexually transmitted infection. Painful urination is usually caused by a urinary tract infection, associated symptoms mainly include frequent or urgent urination, an inability to release more that a small amount of urine followed by an urgent need to urinate again, and a burning sensation while urinating. If kidney also is infected, you may experience pain in your abdomen or back, a fever or vomiting. A kidney infection is a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention. Dysuria is defined as painful urination. The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat urinary affections but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility.

Medisynth Renakoll Syrup Ingredients: Berberis Vulgaris 0 2% Sarsaparilla 0 2% Sabal Serrulata 0 1% Tribulus Terrestris 0 1% Chimaphilla Umbellata 0 1% Helonias Dioica 0 1% Juniperus Communis 0 1% Vesicaria 0 1% in flavoured Sorbitol base q.s.

Mode of action of individual ingredients in Medisynth Renakoll Syrup
Berberis vulgari: Acts especially on kidneys causes inflammation with haematuria. It relieves burning pains in region of kidneys and urethra. Pains may be felt all over the body emanating from small of back, wandering, radiating pains worse by standing or active exercise. Rapid change of symptoms- pain changes in regard to place & character-thirst alternates with thirstlessness. Arthritic affections with urinary disturbances. Urine with thick mucus & bright red, mealy sediment. Pain in the thighs and loins on urinating.
Sarsaparilla: Urinary symptoms well marked. Very useful remedy in renal colic with scanty, slimy, sandy & bloody urine gravel with severe pain at conclusion of urination. Renal colt and dysuria in infants child screams before and while passing urine. Pain from right kidney downwards. Distention and tenesnms of bladder; urine passes in thin feeble stream & dribbles while sitting.
Sabal serrulata: Sabal especially useful for irritability of genitourinary organs. Constant desire to pass urine at night enuresis; paresis of sphincter vesicae. Difficult urination, cystitis with prostatic hypertrophy. Chronic gonorrhoea.
Tribulus terrestris: (lkshugandha) An East Indian remedy useful in urinary affection, especially dysuria and calculus affections. Prostatitis, calculus affections and sexual neurasthenia are the marked symptoms of remedy.
Chimaphilla umbellata: Acts principally on kidneys and genitourinary tract. Suited to plethoric young women with dysuria. Hepatic and renal dropsy. One of the remedies whose symptoms point to its employment in bladder affection, notably catarrh, acute and chronic. Urine turbid, scanty, offensive, containing ropy or bloody mucus and depositing copious sediment. Burning and scalding during micturition and straining afterwards. Must strain before flow comes.
Helonias dioica: Constant aching and tenderness over kidneys. In female suppressed menses and the kidneys congested it seems as if the monthly congestion, instead of venting itself as it should through uterine vessels has extended to the kidneys. Aching and burning across lumbar region; can trace outlines of kidneys by constant burning. Bearing pain in lumbar region extending down legs. Albuminous, phosphatic profuse urine.
Juniperus communis: It relieves catarrhal inflammation of kidneys. Dropsy with suppression of urine. Strangury, bloody, scanty urine violet odour. Weight in kidney region, renal hyperaemia. Prostatic discharge.
Vesicaria: Urinary and kidney remedy. Smarting & burning sensation along urethra in bladder with frequent desire to void urine often with strangury. Cystitis irritable bladder. Albuminuria, dropsy, gonorrhoea, gravel and haematuria with nephralgia.

Dosage: 1 teaspoonful (5ml) of Medisynth Renakoll two times a day, Children:Half the above dose. In acute condition repeat every 2 hours, Important: Dietary control as advised is essential

Medisynth Renakoll Syrup Contraindications: None known

Medisynth Renakoll Syrup Side effects: None known (Ingredients are natural, safe plant extracts.)

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  1. Can this medicine be taken by male as urinary bladder tonic and to avoid cystitis in bladder or kidney

    1. Renakoll has medicines like Berberis Vulg & Sarsaparilla that are well indicated in acute cystitis. As a preventive therapy for urinary disorders including cystitis you may take it under doctor guidance

    1. It may be taken under homeopath guidance, Certain homeopathic medicines are given during pregnancy, for instance to deal with morning sickness in pregnant women. However certain medications like pulsatilla and belladonna are not advised. While many homeopathic and herbal remedies are generally safe, some remedies may be harmful for breastfeeding women and infants. Pls exercise caution & consult a doctor

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