Medisynth Pilen Cream, Homeopathy for Hemorrhoids & Fissures

Medisynth Pilen Cream for blind bleeding piles, Soothing Rectal Cream

Medisynth Pilen Cream is Soothing Rectal Cream for Haemorrhoids whether blind, bleeding or painful.

Medisynth Pilen Cream is an effective Homeopathic topical treatment for all types of haemorrhoids, whether internal, external, blind, painful or bleeding. The clinical effectiveness of the cream is directly attributable to the anti-haemorrhagic properties of Aesculus hipp and Hamamelis Virg, particularly on engorged anorectic veins, combined with the property of biochemical cal car. Fluor to restore the elasticity of the tissues. Pain and or bleeding associated with internal or external haemorrhoids, piles or anal fissures.

Etiology and treatment: Dilatation of veins in the anorectum (external or internal haemorrhoids) or the blood vessels in the rectal mucosa can occur due to various predisposing factors like chornic constipation, immoderate diet, irregular routine or mental or physical stress, hereditary tendencies, etc. The squatting position may also be an aggravating factor.

Treatment for haemorrhoids in homeopathy is oral, concomitantly with topical application. The treatment generally consist of treating the causative factors like constipation etc. Contrary to the general belief that Haemorrhoids are “treatable” only by surgery, Homeopathic treatment of Haemorrhoids, particularly in the first and second stages has been found to be very effective in a large number of cases.

The topical application of Pilen will give immediate relief and the medication will continue a sustained action to reduce the pain and bleeding, offering an easy, safe and effective alternative to other drastic treatment.

Manufacturer: Medisynth Ch. Pvt. Ltd

Medisynth Pilen Cream Directions for use: Apply externally twice daily on clean and dried affected area

Size: Medisynth Pilen Cream comes in 20gm

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