Medisynth Kofgan Forte Drops, Homeopathy for all types of Cough

Medisynth Kofgan Forte Drops, Homeopathy for all types of Cough

Medisynth Kofgan Forte Drops is a recommended for treating various types of cough and shows marked signs of relief in bronchial complications within a few doses.

Medisynth Kofgan Forte Drops is a remarkable alternative medicine for many forms of chronic nasal and bronchial catarrh. Kofgan controls acute cough, increases general resistance to infection, reduces broncho-mucosal irritability and helps in expectoration. It is an ideal remedy for chronic cough with cold, especially whooping cough, chronic bronchitis and asthma. In asthma, it gives relief, and liquefies the thick and tenacious sputum so that it is easily expelled.

Medisynth Kofgan Forte Drops Contains:
• Antimonium Sulphuratum Aureum 1M,
• Bryonia Alba 1M,
• Drosera Rotundifolia 1M,
• Ipecacuanha 1M,
• Squilla 1M

Mode of action of individual ingredients in Medisynth Kofgan Forte Drops
Antimonium Sulphuratum Aureum: Relieves tickling in larynx and dry hard cough, prevents pneumonia in early stag’,, enhances expectoration to relieve the bronchi.
Bryonia Alba: Relieves hawking cough, hoarse voice, laryncie11 soreness, itching in the throat.
Drosera Rotundifolia: Helps in whooping cough and barking types of cough. It reduces vomiting and relieves congestion Asthmatic wet cough.
Ipecacuanha: Helps in relieving difficult breathing, wheezing asthmatic cough and irritating cough.
Squilla: Violent cough with profuse salty expectoration or exhausting dry cough is ameliorated by this. It also helps in cases of involuntary urination while coughing or sneezing.

Dosage: Drops (for acute symptoms):5-10 drops of Medisynth Kofgan Forte 3 to 4 times a day. (Children:Half the above dose)

Diet: Avoid fried and cold items.

Contra Indications of Medisynth Kofgan Forte Drops: None known

Medisynth Kofgan Forte Drops Side effects: None known

Presentation: Medisynth Kofgan Forte Drops comes in 30 ml Glass Bottle (Provided with Dropper – plugs)

Manufacturer: Medisynth Ch. Pvt. Ltd

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