Buy Medisynth Enlacto Forte, 5 Phos Syrup for all ages, Health Tonic

Medisynth Enlacto forte 5 Phos Syrup for all ages

Medisynth Enlacto Forte Syrup is a general tissue tonic prepared from a combination of 5 biochemic phosphate salts, to improve the vitality and promote overall good health. This general tonic made of biochemic tissue salts is suitable for all ages especially infants & aged.

Medisynth Enlacto forte Contains:
• Calcarea Phosphorica,
• Ferrum phosphoricum,
• Natrum phosphoricum,
• Kali phosphoricum,
• Magnesium phosphoricum

General Description: “The ashes of the human body contain 12 inorganic salts”. These 12 salts are veritably the building blocks of life itself. Their natural perfect balance in each human cell constitutes good health. Any imbalance is seen as disease. Restore the balance and you restore health. Replenish the deficient salt and you restore health the natural way.

Medisynth Enlacto Forte is a composition of the 5 mineral salts of Biochemistry, each of which has been prepared by potentisation in accordance with Hahnemann’s homoeopathic prescription. In this form, they are rapidly but safely absorbed by the cells. All these salts are supplied in large quantities in our food but, do not – in that form help to overcome disease. The Biochemical method should not be regarded as a mere substitution method for replacing deficient substances. The essential point is the preparation of these substances into a state which can influence the cells to restore themselves to health in a natural manner .
The organ relations and indications of each of the Biochemical constituents are given below in a very condensed form. The detailed study of these however, constitutes a science in itself which deserves special attention separately – for which the works of eminent scientists are available. Enlacto Forte is a general tissue tonic especially for infants and old persons and can also be taken by person of all ages regularly as a food supplement for all round good health.
Infants: As a General Tonic during Dentition and to prevent Rickets.
Ladies: During Pregnancy and Lactation.
Aged: General Debility, Exhaustion and Vital Weakness in general.
General: Anorexia, Anaemia, Gastrointestinal problems, Convalescence, Emaciation, General Poor Health.

Mode of action of individual ingredients in Medisynth Enlacto Forte Syrup
Calcarea Phosphorica ( Calcium ): in its potentised ( acts on the whole body skeletal system – the red bone r the connective tissues, the lymphatic glands, the membranes and the gastro – intestinal tracts.
Ferrum Phosphoricum (Iron): its chief target-potentised is the blood (Haemoglobin), blood vessels, tissues of muscles and joints, gastro-intestinal tract, ovar
Kali Phosphoricum (Potassium): is present main’, brain and nerve cells and its potentised from acts on ther
Magnesium Phosphoricum (Magnesium) : potentised form is an antispasmodic and analgesic and i targets are the central nervous system, the peripheral and all hollow organs (stomach, intestines, bladder etc.)
Natrum Phosphoricum (Sodium): This mineral predominant in the blood and in cells of muscles and Very effective in gastric and intestinal disturbanc Diarrhoea, Colic etc.

Dosage: Adults: 10ml to 15ml of Medisynth Enlacto forte. Half an hour before meals and at bed time. Children:Half the above dose

No known Contraindications: Medisynth Enlacto forte is free of side effects

Manufacturer: Medisynth Ch.Pvt. Ltd

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Presentation: Medisynth Enlacto Forte comes in 125ml sealed bottle.

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