Medisynth Dyskoll Syrup for Diarrhoea, Dysentry

Medisynth Dyskoll Syrup for Diarrhea, Dysentery

Medisynth Dyskoll Syrup from Dr. VcNALLYs is an ideal homoeopathic combination for effective control of diarrhea and dysentery in acute as well as chronic conditions.

The therapeutic efficacy of Dyskoll is due to the time tested properties of its constituents. It has dual action on protozoal and bacterial pathogens. Dyskoll Syrup is used in amoebic and bacillary dysentery and has especially proved effective in acute and chronic diarrhea and dysentery. It relieves abdominal pain, eliminates debility and loss of appetite associated with these conditions.

Mode of action of individual ingredients in Medisynth Dyskoll Syrup
Atista Radix: A curative remedy for Dysentery and worm complaints. Its action is similar to but is more powerful than Atista-Indica and is widely used in dysentery both amoebic and bacillary. Patient passes only blood along with intense navel pain; dysentery appearing in autumn; also used in worm complaints; flatulence and biliary colic.
Cynodon Dactylon: Remedy proved in India for its masterly control over dysentery, chronic diarrhoea; anasarca and bilious vomiting.
Hemidesmus Indica: (Anantmool). General dyspepsia, loss of appetite and nutritional disorder of root bark with milk and sugar is a good alternate tonic especially for children in chronic cough and diarrhoea
Holarrhena Antidysenterica: proved by Dr Sircar to be a very powerful curative age acute and chronic dysentery and fever. Dysentery a weakness, emaciation and loss of appetite. Colicky navel, stool with more mucus but blood is less is r of the remedy.
Terminalia Chebula: It is the remedy of choice for diarrhoea, chronic dysentery and colic. Frequent desire for stool but passes very small with great force or nothing comes out. Sweat during stool; pressive pain; itching and sensation of fullness in rectum. In diarrhoea; small quantity of faeces mixed with mucus & flatulence.
Chaparro Amargoso: Acts as tonic and antiperiodic remedy. Chronic diarrhoea with tenderness over liver. In dysentery stools little pain but with much mucus.

Dosage: Adults : 1 teaspoonful two times a day. Children : Half the above dose. In acute condition Repeat every 2 Hours.

Important: Dietary control as advised is essential.

Medisynth Dyskoll Syrup Contraindications: None known.

Medisynth Dyskoll Syrup Side Effects: None known (Ingredients are nature plant extracts).

Presentation: Medisynth Dyskoll Syrup comes in 60 ml

Manufacturer: Medisynth Ch. Pvt. Ltd

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