Medisynth Alfa Vet Forte Tonic for Veterinary Use

Medisynth Alfa Vet Forte Tonic homeopathy for Veterinary Use

Discover Alfavet Syrup, the perfect blend of Alfalfa 3x and Calcarea phosphorica 6 for your pets and farm animals. Ideal for dogs, cats, birds, dairy, and poultry, this tonic enhances nutrition, digestion, and lactation. Designed to promote healthy weight gain and muscle development, Alfavet Syrup also strengthens bone structure in livestock. A holistic solution for your animal’s health and vitality. Safe, effective, and veterinarian-approved

Medisynth Alfa Vet Veterinary Syrup: A Comprehensive Nutritional Aid for Animals

Perfect for: Household pets (Dogs, Cats, Birds) and farm animals (Dairy, Poultry, Livestock).

Key Ingredients & Benefits:
1. Alfalfa Extract: A renowned general tonic that promotes weight gain. It enhances nutrition, boosts digestion, and optimizes tissue health. This ingredient is crucial for muscle and meat development, increasing stamina in working and stud animals, and enhancing lactation in dairy animals. It also improves egg yolk quality in poultry.

2. Calcarea Phosphorica: An easily absorbable calcium form vital for developing strong, healthy bones in growing livestock. It also strengthens the bones of adult livestock and enhances the durability of eggshells.

Additional Advantages:
– Builds Natural Resistance: The syrup strengthens animals’ resilience against ailments commonly caused by damp, wet, and cold conditions, including those during rainy weather or melting snow.

Medisynth Alfa Vet Syrup Indications:
– General tonic for weight gain.
– Improves nutrition and digestion.
– Enhances assimilation leading to muscle and meat weight gain.
– Boosts lactation in dairy animals.
– Aids in the development of a robust bone structure in livestock.
– Strengthens livestock’s natural defense against environmental stressors.

Manufacturer: Medisynth Ch. Pvt. Ltd

Storage: Store in cool and dry place

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  1. Suggest medicine for female German Shepherd dog still first heat awaiting on 12 month age..
    Kindly suggest medicine for sparm to stud
    German Shepherd dogs at the age of 15 month.
    Thanks with regards.

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