Top Lipoma treatment and removal medicines

top Lipoma treatment and removal medicines, A84 drops

About Lipoma

A lipoma is a slow-growing, fatty lump that’s most often situated between your skin and the underlying muscle layer. They’re the most common tumor to form beneath your skin, with about 1 person in 1,000 getting one at some point. Lipomas are usually detected in middle age. Some people have more than one lipoma. Lipomas are most commonly located in the neck, back, and shoulders, but they can also occur on the stomach, thighs, and arms. The lipoma is only painful if it grows into nerves underneath the skin. Lipomas are slow-growing soft tissue tumours that rarely reach a size larger than 2 cm. Lesions larger than 5 cm, so-called giant lipomas, can occur anywhere in the body

Lipoma Causes
A lipoma can occur in any part of the body where there are fat cells. Lipomas typically feel soft and can be felt to move slightly under your skin when you press on them. it is unclear whether a blow or trauma causes a lipoma to form, or if the lipoma is discovered simply as a result of medical attention to that area of the body. In other cases, genetic (inherited) conditions such as Gardner syndrome and hereditary multiple lipomatosis cause a person to have several lipomas. Lipomas tend to grow slowly over months or even years.

Lipoma treatment in Homeopathy

Give Baryta Carb alternativel with Uric acid
For outer application Thuja Mother Tincture
Compare Lapis alb and Phytolcca

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  1. 10 years after lipoma whole body big size this is perfect medicine. In homio pathy

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