Lichen Planus Treatment Homeopathy Remedies

lichen planus treatment homeopathy medicines

How to stop lichen planus from spreading?
You need internal medicines that can moderate or calm the auto immune system, address skin bumps with redness and itching and stop blisters or sores with eruptions from spreading. While mainstream medicines limit the action to topical corticosteroid cream or ointment aimed at preventing tissue damage caused by excessive inflammation, homeopathy goes to the root of the cause and addresses it

Is lichen planus curable?
There are many success stories in homeopathy where doctors (homeopaths) were able to provide constitutional remedies and got back patients to normalcy within 1 month. Since this is a immune-mediated disorder that affects the skin and mucous membrane, proper diagnosis and treatment can help cure this condition

what are the Best homeopathy medicine for oral lichen planus?
As per Dr Kirti Vikram, a homeopath, Sulphur 30, Borax 30, Acid Nitric 30 and Thuja 200 are best for oral lichen planus treatment. Know the action of each of these individual remedies in treating painful mouth sore with burning, itching ,sensitivity and inflammation of gums in below kit

Thuja for Lichen planus Thuja is a good medicine for auto immune disease and is also ideal treatment for Lichen Planus of pigmented variety. The patient has hyperpigmented brown-coloured spots. The spots are marked on the face, hands and arms. Thuja is given both for oral and skin type of lichen planus. German homeopathy medicines for lichen planus available on

Dr reckeweg medicine for lichen planus Dr Reckeweg BC20 tablets, and Reckeweg dilutions like Borax, acid nitric, Thuja, sulphur and Rhus tox are all well indicated for lichen planus.

Best Homeopathy medicines for Lichen planus

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