Lack of Ovulation (anovulation) natural remedy in Homeopathy

Lack of Ovulation (anovulation) natural remedy

If a fertile ovulating lady misses one or more periods without getting pregnant, it could be a sign of anovulation.This is characterized by lack of cervical mucus during ovulation period. The most common cause of anovulation is Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). This ovulatory dysfunction could lead to abnormal uterine bleeding

Sepia: Lack of Ovulation (anovulation) natural remedy in Homeopathy

Dr KS Gopi a homeopath says “Sepia200 occupies the top position among the Homeopathic medicines for treatment for anovulation( lack of ovulation). The menstrual symptom for Sepia is late and scanty menses. In most of the cases, this is accompanied by bearing down sensations in the pelvic region. The ovaries remain enlarged with fluid-filled cysts in them. Sepia acts very efficiently to regulate the menstrual cycle to appear at the proper expected time.”

He further adds that Sepia can also be considered to treat infertility cases due to PCOS. Abnormal hair growth on the face, especially on upper lips, can also be well controlled with Sepia. Other general symptoms to look for before taking Sepia are sensitivity to cold air, mental irritability, and indifferent behaviour towards loved ones.

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