Knee replacement alternatives. Kali Iod in Homeopathy

How to avoid knee replacement

osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis related damages to knee joint which can make knee pain progressively worse with pain intense and frequent, limiting mobility, localised swelling and can necessitate knee replacement. You can examine alternatives by keeping the risk factor in mind

What is the downside of knee replacement?
You could face stiff knee syndrome (arthrofibrosis)which results from an excess of scar tissue around the knee joint. It is common after knee surgery like knee replacement. Other issues may arise in the form of replacement joints wearing out over time, and difficulties with some movements and numbness

Can you avoid knee replacement?
You can avoid knee replacement with safe and natrual homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy can provide specific constitutional remedy that is mapped exactly to the profile and symptoms of the patients. For instance Kali Iod is a great remedy for Knee joint cases that is under tremendous pressure from swelling and fluid accumulation in the joints area (oedema) that is giving unberarable knee pain to patient and is fed up with frequent tapping now looking for knee replacement

Alternatives to knee replacement for elderly

Elderly people should look at alternatives to knee replacement due to the associated risks and complications associated with it. Postoperative complications like postoperative fever, atelectasis, wound infection, embolism and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) make it unviable. They weather anesthesia poorly and their skin takes longer to heal making it risky. Homeopathy offers alternative to knee replacement that may obfuscate surgical procedure by addressing symptoms and healing gently and naturally

Can knees get better without surgery?
Kali Iod is a fantastic medicine for joint pains. Those especially women and elderly people who are on the verge of knee replacement should consider treatment with this remedy as per Dr Saptarshi Banerjea . He says due to huge oedema, the patient undergoes effusion treatment by frequent tapping of fluids accumulated in the affected area. However Kali Iod has the properties with its ability to absorb effusion. Kali Iod is a specific for knee joint rheumatism with lot of swelling (oedema) and effusion surrounding the knee joints. It will help in reducing both the pain and effusion and provide relief

for Osteoarthritis led degeneration of knee joints there are other syphilitic homeopathic medicines similar to Kali Iod like calcarea Fluorica and Phytolacca

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