How to get rid of sore throat with homeopathy remedies

How to get rid of sore throat

How to get rid of sore throat quickly and naturallY? While warm water salt gargle, mouth sprays and lozenges provide temporary relief you need to go to root cause to get rid of sore throat. For instance if you are having a sore throat from cold, blame it on teh virus that has infected your pharynx (tube in the back of your throat) and make it swollen, tender, and red. Or you may be living close to industrial areas with high environmental pollutants, or have certain allergies or csuffer hronic reflux that can cause persistent sore throat that lingers for a few weeks or returns frequently (also termed Chronic pharyngitis)

If you have a scratchy sensation in the throat, pain that worsens with swallowing or talking, and find difficulty in swallowing then you have sore throat. Symptoms of a sore throat may vary depending on the cause and homeopathy has specific sore throat remedy for each of them mapped to the underlying cause. Know the expert picked remedies with guiding symptoms

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