Housemaid’s Knee Treatment, Top Homeopathic Medicine

prepatellar bursitis housemaid's knee treatment in homeopathy

Swelling occurs in small fluid-filled sac (the bursa) in front of the kneecap due to kneeling long periods of time and is called Housemaids Knee. Also known as prepatellar bursitis, it causes symptoms like sharp needle-like pain when kneeling. Also, stiffness of knee movements and general tightness are common. In cases of infection, the skin is hot to touch and patient may feel unwell with a fever. But it is not limited to housemaid’s alone, majority are men aged between 40 – 60 years.

How do you get rid of housemaid’s knee naturally?
Homeopathic medicines like Sticta pulmonaria is highly recommended by doctors to help heal housemaid’s knee naturally without any side effects. It helps reduce pain and inflammation associated with bursitis. It is considered among the top homeopathic remedy for bursitis. This medicine is availble both in Indian and German brands

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