Vashisht Ruta Graveolens Gel for Rheumatic pain, Sprains, Strains

Vashisht Ruta Gel for Rheumatic pain, Sprains and Strains

About the product (Vashisht Ruta Graveolens Gel):
• Get the power of rutin and essential oils for rheumatism, bruised feeling all over body.
• Treats formation of deposits in periostenum, tendons and joints. Good for ganglion cysts
• Covered in homeopathic pharmacopoeia (HPI, German)
• Made using Aloevera gel base, Quick absorption, better results.

Product Description
Vashisht Ruta Gel is a homeopathic single remedy is prepared from Pure Homeopathic Mother Tincture (crude form) of Ruta Graveolens for Muscular affections. The plant has excellent medicinal properties that acts upon periostrenum and cartilages.Good for ganglion cysts treatment

Key Benefits of Ruta Gel
• One of its kind remedy in India, 100% natural ointments manufactured as per HPI, GMP standards.
• Formulated by Doctor Vashisht, with over 25 years of history in manufacturing quality medicines from Hyderabad.

Vashisht Ruta Gel Contains
• Ruta in Aloevera gel based Ointment form.
• (no petroleum ingredient) – 100% Natural

Vashisht Ruta Gel Application: Apply Vashisht Ruta Gel externally twice daily on clean and dried affected area.

Vashisht Ruta Gel Presentation: 50 Gms

Vashisht Ruta Gel Manufacturer: Vashisth Homoeopathic Pharmaceuticals

Vashisht Ruta Gel RATE/PRICE: Rs.80 (Buy Online!! Get 10% OFF)

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