Homeopathy Piles kit with Sulphur, Pilen drops, BC17, siddhanth piles mixture

Homeopathy Piles kit with sulphur, Pilen drops, BC17, siddhanth piles mixture

Homeopathy Piles kit with sulphur, Pilen drops, BC17, siddhanth piles mixture is a combination of most effective medicine in liquid, tablets form to treat Piles. It provides relief from swollen and inflamed veins in the rectum and anus that cause discomfort and bleeding.

> Sulphur is indicated for large, red, burning and itching hemorrhoids.
> Medisynth Pilen Drops combination has proved to be effective in Haemorrhoids of any kind whether internal or external, bleeding or non bleeding. It helps to relieve agonizing pains and to shrink Haemorrhoids. Also has beneficial effect to relieves Constipation and gives regular Movement to the Bowels.
> Bio combination BC17 is useful for bleeding hemorrhoids, fissures, backache; also helps in all kinds of piles.
> Hamamelis indicated for problems of bleeding while passing stools.
> Paeonia Officinalis is indicated for Hemorrhoids with fissure in anus, intolerable pains during and after a stool.
> Aesculus hip is indicated for sore and aching hemorrhoids, with a swollen feeling.

Sulphur 30c
Pilen forte drops (contains Acidum Nitricum 1M, Calcarea Fluorica 1M, Hamamelis Virginica 1M, BC17)
Siddhanth piles mixture (contains-Hamamelis Q, Paeonia Officinalis Q, aesculus hip Q in 30ml bottles).

Sulphur 30c- 2 drops in morning 1 times, Pilen forte drops-5-10 drops 3 to 4 times a day. Children Half the above dose, bio-com BC17 siddhanth piles mixture-20 drops 3 times a day with some water, Nux vomica 30c-2 drops in night.

1 unit Sulphur 30c, 30ml
1 unit Pilen forte drops, 30ml
1 unit BC17, 25gms
1 unit Siddhanth piles mixture, 100ml

MRP: 875/- (Buy online get discounts)

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