Buy Omeo Mouth Ulcer Tablets, Treats painful gum boils with Borax

Omeo Mouth Ulcer Tablets. Gum Boils, Homeopathy Medicine with Borax, Merc Sol

The Ulcer Soother A Homoeopathic speciality product for Mouth Ulcers.

What is Mouth Ulcers?: Mouth Ulcers also known as Aphthous ulcers are round, painful sores inside the mouth. Mouth Ulcer Mouth ulcers problem starts in childhood or adolescence and seem to get better in 40s. It is particularly common in women (The Ulcer Soother) prior to menstruation. There are certain precipitating factors which are known to either start or exacerbate mouth ulcers. Some of them are:

  • Biting the tongue or cheek lining by mistake
  • Eating hot food
  • A sharp broken tooth
  • Wearing badly-fitting dentures
  • Certain drugs
  • Tooth brushing and eating especially spicy or salty foods can increase the pain

Recurrent mouth ulcer may be due to inherited tendency or due to vitamin B12.

How does Homeopathy medicine treats mouth ulcers?: Omeo Mouth Ulcer (The Ulcer Soother) is a Homoeopathic speciality product for Mouth Ulcers.

Action of OmeoTm Mouth Ulcer Tablets:

  • It relieves aphthous inflammation of the buccal cavity caused by an undue generation of acid.
  • It acts on mucous membrane of the mouth & relieves deep ulceration.

Medicine Indications:

  • Ulcers inside the lips, cheek and below the tongue
    • Burning, stinging blisters on the tongue & oral cavity
  • Pain on touch and from chewing
  • Ulcers bleed on touch & eating
  • Painful gum-boil
  • Foetid odour from mouth

Ingredients: Composition of Omeo Mouth Ulcer Tabs: Mercurius solubilis 3x, Borax 3x, Kalium chloricum 3x, Hydrastis canadensis 3x, Excipients q s

Action of the Ingredients in treating  Mouth Ulcer:

  1. Mercurius solubilis – Ulcers inside the lips & cheek, ulceration of the mouth, sore pain on touch & from chewing, foetid odour from mouth
  2. Borax – It acts on aphthous inflammation especially of the buccal cavity which is probably caused by an undue generation of acid. Ulcers bleed on touch & eating, painful gum boil.
  3. Kalium chloricum – Entire mucous membrane red, tumid with gray based ulcers. Burning, stinging blisters on the tongue and buccal cavity, stinging burning on tongue.
  4.  Hydrastis Canadensis – It acts on the mucous membrane of the mouth. Ulceration of the buccal mucous membrane, tongue and fissures towards the edges.

Dosage: Adults and >12years old-2 Tablets of Bjain Omeo Mouth Ulcer, 4 times a day. Children <12 years old-2 Tablets, 2 times a day or as prescribed by the physician. To be taken 10 minutes before or after meals or as recommended by the physician. Caution: consult your homeopathic physician if symptoms persist or worsen. Consult your homeopathic physician if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Direction of use: To be taken 10 minutes before or after meals or as recommended by the physician. Caution: Consult your homoeopathic physician if symptoms persist or worsen. Consult your homoeopathic physician if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Contraindications & Known Adverse Reactions: None known

Store in a cool and dark place, Keep all medicines out of reach of children.

Presentation: 25 gms

Manufacturer: B. Jain Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd

RATE/PRICE: Rs.119 (Buy Online!! Get 10% OFF)

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