Homeopathy Medicines for bad dreadful dreams, nightmares

Homeopathy for bad dreams nightmares of death snakes theft fire insects

Homeopathic medicines for fearful dreams

Causes of nightmare include scary movies and books, individual experiences or medication side effects.It may also be manifestation of underlying medical condition or anxiety disorder

Aloe soc (tds)  Dreams of passing stools. 
Apis mel (tds)  Dreams of flying. 
Belladonna (tds), Rhus tox Dreams of fire. 
Cannabis ind Lascivious dreams may lead to emissions. 
Chelidonium (tds)  Dreams of funerals. 
Kalium carb (tds) Dreams of ghosts. 
Lac can. 200 (od)  Dreams of snakes and of urinating. 
Mercurius sol (tds), Argentum nit (tds)  Dreams of animals. 
Nux vomica (tds)  Dreams of accidents, insects. Sexual dreams causing emission of semen. Dreams from excessive mental exertion.
Silicea (tds), Natrum Mur Dreams of thieves. 
Rhus glabra, Sticta pulm.  Dreams of flying in the air. 
Thuja occ (tds)  Dreams of dead people and of falling from a height.

Frightful, disgusting dreams of animals, or falling.

hs (stat) : One dose only
od : One dose daily
bd : Twice a day
tds : Thrice a day
qid : Four times a day
sos : when needed
Q : Mother Tincture ( It should always be diluted in water if taken orally )
x : Decimal scale

Globules no 30 – 5 pills to be taken at a time
Globules no. 40 – 4 pills to be taken at a time
Where no letter is mentioned, it front of potency, it means centesimal scale.
Where no potency is mentioned, it means 30c is the indicated potency.

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