Doctor recommended best Homeopathic Medicines for Bad Breath, Gum Disease

“Homeopathic Medicines for Bad Breath, halitosis, Gum Disease, Caries, badbu in hindi, sanso ki badbu ka ilaj”

Best Doctor recommended Homeopathic Medicines for Bad Breath or Halitosis

Homeopathy can be very useful for the treatment of bad breath because the remedies are natural and are completely safe with zero side effects. Doctors recommend various medicines based on the symptoms presented by the patient as per list below (source: Youtube)

Causes of Bad Breath: Various causes behind Bad Breath are poor dental hygiene, consuming foods like garlic, radish, onion, spices,dry mouth, tobacco chewing, smoking, decayed/caries teeth, ulcers in mouth, gum infection (Gingivitis, Pyorrhoea Alveolaris), sinus infection, throat infections, post-nasal drip, fever,

Dr.Pranjali recommended Pyorrhea treatment kit for bad breath due to Gum infection
Gum disease also known as Gingivitis, Periodontal Disease, Periodontitis (Pyorrhea) occurs when plaque and tartar build up at the gum line. Plaque and tartar are full of bacteria, which can then cause an infection of the gums and bad breath (halitosis). Apart from unpleasant breath it also causes red, swollen and bleeding gums, bad taste.

Dr.Pranjali recommended Homeopathy Pyorrhea Kit with Merc sol, Kreosotum, BC18, Hamamelis, Hekla Lava tooth powder is a combination of most effective medicine in liquid, tablets and powder form to treat Pyorrhea

Dr.Vikas Sharma M.D recommends
1. Merc Sol: For Bad Breath with Moist Mouth
2. Pulsatilla: For Bad Breath with Dry Mouth
3. Kreosote: Bad Breath from decayed teeth or Cavities
4. Hepar Sulph and Carbo Veg: For Bad Breath with Gum Infection
5. Carbolic Acid: For Bad Breath with Constipation
6. Belladona and Hepar Sulph are the best remedies for patients with Bad Breath due to throat complaints.

Dr.Aparna Samanta recommends
Merc Sol – Bad breath due to Mouth Ulcer & excess saliva
Pulsatilla – Bad breath due to low or deficient saliva
Hepar Sulph – Bad breath due to Gum infection, Gingivitis, Pyorrhea
Kreosote – Bad breath due to decay teeth
Asofoetida & lycopodium – Bad breath due to digestion problem, gas

Dr.Kirti Vikram Singh recommends Homeopathic Medicine Foeniculum vulgare (सौंफ) for bad breath resulting from indigestion, acidity and gas.

Yash Homeopathic Centre Jodhpur recommends: Commonly used Homeopathic medicines for Halitosis are- Sulphur 200 weekly dose Sunday Morning, Carbo Veg 200 once a day, Merc sol 200 once a day, Nux vomica 200 once a day evening hours..and other as per symptoms.

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