Isotropin Male Oral Spray – Gain Muscle Mass, Build Body with HGH

Body Building Medicine-Isotropin Male Oral Spray, Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone (HGH) supplement Isotropin Male Oral spray from Newton Everett (US health brand) is a revolutionary new formula to gain muscle mass naturally and build body safely without any side effects

Introduction: Whey Protein is the not the ultimate low carb, low fat, pure protein supplement that bodybuilders, Gym goers or sportsmen believe is the solution for gaining muscle mass. There is a better option to keep a low body fat percentage count along with gaining a toned muscle for a sculpted body. Isotropin HGH male oral spray is a safe supplement that naturally elevates men’s HGH and IGF-1 levels, which can help increase energy, assist with weight-loss efforts, and build serious muscle mass to muscleblaze into serious fitness.

Isotropin Male Oral Spray 30ml contains homeopathic somatotropin, as well as other potent compounds, such as testosterone, ginseng, and adrenal for optimal muscle build and recovery. This combination will enhance your muscle definition and is designed to redistribute your fat to produce sexy physique. It builds up endurance and actually aids faster recovery from work out regimen by improving sleep quality (as per customer reviews*).

Advantages: It offers a host of health benefits;

HGH can negate or retract the signs of aging and improve hair and nail quality. Growth Hormone supplementation promises – greater cardiac output, improved cholesterol levels, normal blood pressure levels, better sexual performance, enhanced immune system functioning of the body, a younger, tighter, firmer and wrinkle-free skin, hair re-growth, increased bone density, stronger bones (minimizing bone fracture possibility), and perked up energy levels.

Why you should choose HGH over Whey Proteins to gain muscle mass and build body?- things every health & fitness buff should know
> HGH provides a quicker & safer way to supplement your body building efforts with homeopathy
> 50% of supplements especially whey proteins sold in India are suspected to be fake and may contain banned substances. One popular brand of Whey Proetin called muscleblaze incidentally, is alleged to contain aspartame, a harmful substance linked to many diseases. Many other contains artificial sweetners like sucralose or aspartame
> Inconsistent quality – same two products of whey proteins differ in taste and mixability. They are not certified by third part sources and Social media is abuzz with bad reviews and side effects
> Indian Whey Proetins brands do not match up to their foreign counterparts. Many whey products claim containing branched chain amino acids or 10 BCAA in their products but their cheap prices does not justify it (as it is an expensive ingredient).

Facts: Human growth Hormone or HGH is not the same as anabolic or androgenic steroids
People frequently mistake the two to be same as both are related to male hormones synthesized and secreted in the human body for normal growth and development but the similarity end there and both are quite different. Anabolic steroids has a medical background and finds application mostly due its anti inflammatory ingredient in the form of cortisol where as HGH has no such profile. HGH contains Somatropin which is a naturally derived compound that can produce more growth hormones, which may help increase energy, boost muscle growth (blazing muscles), and assist with weight loss efforts. Unlike anabolic steroids HGH supplements comes in sprays form and easily absorbed in the body. Androgenic steroids causes side effects like weight gain whereas HGH actually promotes weight loss while building lean muscle body mass. HGH is non addictive and free of withdrawal symptoms or cravings, once you stop taking it. The use of Anabolic Steroids can do more harm than good, and the side effects could be permanent and irreparable wheras HGH like Isotropin safe, and they allege to be free of any adverse side effects. HGH supplements are also quite cheaper and more affordable than steroids.
Note: this product (ISOTROPIN HGH) is not same as the synthetic HGH injection kind, where it’s actually a prescription and only available through a supervision professional

Why Isotropin Male Oral Spray is a ideal Homeopathy HGH?

This product offers a host of health benefits that other body building products or Whey proteins don’t
1. Promotes fat reduction and increases muscle tone. It promotes weight loss efforts
2. Stimulates Energy Levels
3. Strengthens Immune System
4. Boosts Libido and Enhances Sexual Function
5. Restores youthful skin, improves skin tone
6. Good for hair & Nails – it rejuvenates them
7. Stamina and endurance improves due to better cardiac performance and enhanced energy levels
8. Improves sleep pattern, enhances vision and hearing
9. Reputed Homeopathic brand for body building from US that sells a variety of products
10. It contains Chinese Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng to improve reflexes and lung capacity, as well as increase synthesis of protein, which can boost male strength and performance.

Caution:This product is not backed by any clinical proof or research/scientific studies about its efficacy or does the company provide any guarantee. All the claims are based on company statements and customer reviews. However it may also be noted that this Phoenix, Arizona-based company is present in the US HGH industry for more than a decade since 2003 and widely sold and used by health professionals

Side effects of Isotropin Male Oral Spray: No adverse side effects or any drug interaction indicated by the company (Newton Everett)

How does Isotropin Male Oral Spray aids help gain muscle mass and aid better work out?

1. Its naturally derived ingredients stimulates body to produce more growth hormones. This is known to increase energy, boost muscle growth (increase muscle mass). It helps you build muscle at home Gym without the expensive trainers.
2. It naturally elevates men’s HGH and IGF-1 levels, this increases muscle fiber (ie.e, body mass) and support your health during workout performances for the muscleblaze effect
3. This formula also assists with weight loss efforts by modifying fat into usable energy, which can promote better workout routines.

Isotropin Male Oral Spray Customer Reviews*
The product gets 3.3 out of 5 ratings on customer reviews on, 67% of the respondents rate it high on results though the base is low (only 6 reviews). One customer has reviewed that the product has helped with his work outs in the Gym while two others say that their spouses have found it effective in improving health and sleep.

Isotropin Male Oral Spray Ingredients
Somatotrophin (HGH) 3C, Cervi Cornu 3C (contains IGF-1), 12 Cell Minerals 6X, 12X, 30X, Wild American Ginseng, Korean Ginseng, Chinese Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng 1X/3X/6X/12X, Zinc 3C/100C, Lecithin 3C, Selenium 3C, L-Arginine 3C, Mag. Phos. 3C, Orchic 3C, Nat. Mur. 3C, Ferrum Phos. 6C, Adrenal 3C, Silicea 3C, Testosterone 3C, Niacin 3C, L-Histidine 6C/12C/30C, B Vitamins 3C, L-Phenylalanine 6C/12C/30C, L-Methionine 6C/12C/30C, purified water, and 20% USP Alcohol.

Isotropin Male Oral Spray Usage guidelines
Since it’s a homeopathic oral spray, it works by spraying 3 times under the tongue and leave the liquid there for about 10 seconds as directed from the recommendation instruction. After the 10 seconds have passed, users are allowed to swallow the liquid. States to use it for 3 times per day.
Men or women should be free from any drink beverage or food for about 30 minutes before and after the intake for faster and better results.
Recommended Period Usage: Minimum 6 Months

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14 thoughts on “Isotropin Male Oral Spray – Gain Muscle Mass, Build Body with HGH”

  1. Hi I’m 40 years of age and do regular gym workouts since i was 25….im just worried about my hair and organs functions like liver and kydney…before taking this.
    I dont have a meducme history either.
    Kindly guide.

    1. bodybuilding supplements that aim to improve one’s physical performance, endurance, are known to cause liver injury including over-the-counter weight-loss supplements. Green tea extract is a prominent ingredient that comes up , others are kava, and comfrey.

      Isotropin male oral spray is discontinued and currently replaced by HGH Pro 6X, these do not contain any synthetic HGH nor are they injectible types.Hence any downside or risks are minimial or non existent.

  2. I have my own gym and I already recommended homeopathic drugs .Will This Isotropin help me for huge mass and strength. First I will try on myself then I recommend to some serious students. Kindly send me the reply along with price .

      1. It is marked safe, pls read product information details provided. Doctor/Physical Trainer advise & supervision suggested

  3. I am going to the Gym , if we take isotropin HGH , then we need to take protine r not plz tell me isoteropin work as a protine supplement

    1. Isotropin does the same work of a Whey Protein supplement i.e, provide essential nutrients like Amino Acids for muscle building. Gym goers need a daily supplement that helps their body muscle recoil from the muscular wear & tear that heavy lifting of weights imposes. An optimum nutritional plan that includes either or both depends on your body type and energy requirements which your diet & fitness trainer should help you with.

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