Homeopathy Globules, Buy non medicated pellets pills from cane sugar

Homeopathy globules, pellets, pillules, or pills for medicine

About Homeopathic Globules: Homeopathic medicines can only be taken with sugar globules of water due to sweet in nature & easy solubility in mouth and therefore widely prescribed by homeopathic doctors. In manufacturing of sugar globules basic raw material is sugar, sugar globules have good absorption power than other globules and easily absorbs by the homeopathic drug without any change in composition & property.

Sugar globules are manufactured in the following process
1. Grinding of sugar – Sugar is ground by grinder to fine mesh & further filter through sieve
to remove unwanted material if any.
2. Formation of Globules – Powdered sugar mixed with water & paste is formed. This paste is rubbed on the surface of sieve to prepare granules of sugar.
3.Drying – These granules are dried in trey drier to remove/eliminate moisture of the product.
4.Coating – Dried sugar globules transferred in to coating machine having arrangement of spray drier for coating with sugar solution to desired size. Colour of the product should be translucent or opaque in nature

Features of Medilife globules
Complies with Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia ( HPI ).
Made from pure cane sugar
Sulphurless – Neutral.
High absorption capacity.
Sparkling brilliant white in colour.
Long shell life
Uniform shape and size.

: Medilife Impex Pvt. Ltd. Is a Nagpur based GMP certified manufacturer with 50 year track record in manufacturing quality homeopathic medicines.

Globule Sizes: Available in Globule No.10, Globule No.30, Globule No.35, Globule No.40, Globule No.50

Pack: 1 Kg Plastic Pouch, 15 Kg HDPE Bag, 450 gm Plastic Pouch

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21 thoughts on “Homeopathy Globules, Buy non medicated pellets pills from cane sugar”

  1. Hi,
    I am from China, do you have globules with size 40 mm? And i like to know the price for both globules and shipping, can you send me the detail please?
    Thank you.

  2. Dear Sirs,
    I am from Europe Serbia, can you send me your price with shipping for 1kg and for 15kg unmedicated sugar globulies?
    Thank you.

    1. We ship all over the world and can supply you in Serbia also. We will drop you a quote in your mail ID shortly

  3. Hi there… Do you supply globules only or you can also supply unmedicated tablets to an address in the UK ??

  4. Hi, I used to buy sugar globules from B.Jain several years ago. Now I need a new portion. What am I supposed to do to buy again? Please , will you send me a list of size and prices of HOMEO GRADE PILLS D40 AND D50? Will you include the posting price as well?
    My email address:
    Will be grateful and looking forward!

    Sincerely yours
    Violeta Teneva M.D.

    1. Yes Sir, We ship to Israel and all other countries of the world expect where it is restricted

  5. Interested in 15 kg hdpe bag packing in bulk quantity for confectionery production .

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