Buy St.Georges HCT No.51, Homeopathy Tablets for Mental Fatigue

St Georges HCT No 51-Mental Fatigue

St Georges HCT No 51 homeopathy specialty tablets is indicated for Mental fatigue, from over work study, etc.brainfag, deoressed spirits, nervousness high strung.

Ingredients/Composition: St Georges HCT No 51-Mental Fatigue Contains: Ignatia, Kali.Phos, Agnus Cast.

Dosage of St.Georges HCT No 51: 4 to 5 tablets every 2 hours or as directed by your doctor

Size: 30 gm/450 gm

Manufacturer: St. George’s Homoeopathy

Rate/Price: Rs 90 (10% off, Buy Online!!)

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