Buy Haslab Drox-32 Diaral (for Diarrhoea)

Haslab Drox-32 Diaral (for Diarrhoea)

Haslab Drox-32 Diaral for Diarrhoea

Drox is a specific disease wise drops from Hanemann scientific laboratory (India). This genuine, original and pure homeopathic medicine

Acute and chronic gastroenteritis, involuntary profuse watery yellowish or greenish stool with or without tenesmus. Pyrexia, typhus, summer diarrhoea after a chill or faulty diet.

Ingredients: Haslab Drox-32 Diaral (for Diarrhoea) Contains: Chamomilla, Merc Cor, China, Camphor, Croton tig, Colocynth, Gratiola, Laurocerasus.

Dosage: 2 to 3 drops of Haslab Drox-32 every 2 hourly in little water

Size: 30ml

Manufacturer: Doliosis Homoeo Pharma Pvt. Ltd

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