Haslab Drox-12 Galolith Drops for Gall Stones

Haslab Drox-12 Galolith Drops for Gall Stones

Drox 12 Galolith Drops for Gall Stones is a specific disease wise drops from Hanemann scientific laboratory (India). This is a genuine, original and pure homeopathic medicine from Hahnemann scientific Laboratory India (HSI).

Haslab’s Drox 12 Galolith Drops is indicated for sharp shooting pain, right hypochondrium (parts of abdomen) extending to back or upwards with tenderness in the region. Nausea and vomiting of bile, taste bitter, gall bladder stones, hepatitis (inflammation of liver).

Drox 12 Galolith Drops is a well balanced composition of homeopathic ingredients like Cinchona 3x, Berberis Vulg 3x, Cholestrinum 3x, Lycopodium 3x.

Dosage: 5 to 10 drops of Drox-12 Galolith Drops 3-4 times a day in little water.

Size: 30ml

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15 thoughts on “Haslab Drox-12 Galolith Drops for Gall Stones”

  1. May please help me to resolve of ‘Three Gall Stone’ and i am using it last three months but till now there is no better result come out ?

    So Please help me , how many month, i have to take this medicine for complete cure ?

    Drox 12 having any Side Effects because i am using only this medicine last three month.

  2. and i have read the above comments and i get to know about the method of epsom salt for dissolving stones even i have seen many websites prescribing this remedy . is this a safe and helpful.remedy for dissolving stones …can i use this method along with homeopathy medicine …. and even some people prescribe to take pattarjhad leaves so can we use these remedies for dissolving stones along with medicine

    1. This is indicated as a safe homeopathy medicine without any side effects or drug interactions. It can be taken with the herbal leaves you mentioned, not at the same time but with a little gap.

      1. alright… and above you have mentioned that epsom salt remedy also help in dissolving gallstones so is it safe to take it??? and i have very few small gallstones so thos medicine would help.dissolving stones?

  3. is this a medicine for gall bladder stone pain or is it for dissolving gall bladder stones as well .. actually my homeopthic doctor first gave me gall btone drops this time he give me galolith drops so would it be helpful in dissolving gall stones…

  4. What is the best homeo remedy to dilute and dissolve cholesterol and bile pigments stones

  5. How much gall stone can it dissolve in gall bladder, what is the recovery time?

    1. The extent of recovery i.e., getting rid of Gall stones and the time taken varies depending on the constitution of patient and treatment plan as suggested by the homeopath. Gallbladder flush is adopted by some people to speed up recovery. This involves a mix of epsom salt with half cup of olive oil and grapefruit juice.

      Excessive cholesterol or deficiency of bile salts or an imbalance results in cholesterol getting dense, crystallized and gall stones are formed. Homeopathic medicines like cholesterinum, china, chellidonium, Lycopodium are used to treat Gall stones

  6. Hi there just want to know that do you send this medicine to Australia. If yes how much extra charges for that
    Paramjit Singh

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