h pylori infection and gastritis treatment with Robinia Pseud

h pylori infection and gastritis

h pylori infection and gastritis are linked because the bacterial infection can lead to chronic acidity leading to inflammed stomach lining. Elaborating a case study effectively treated with homeopathy, Dr. Aadil chimthanwally in his YouTube video titled “H Pylori Infection Treatment, Symptoms, Diet | Robinia Homeopathic Medicine uses, Benefits (Hindi)” says Robinia can treat this condition effectively.

As per article published in Scandinavian journal of gastroenterology ‘Helicobacter pylori infection is strongly associated with and is considered a common cause of gastritis”. H. pylori infection eventually causes atrophic gastritis in a considerable number of infected subjects. In different populations, the prevalence of atrophic gastritis increases by 1 to 3% per annum. It concludes that conclude that the eradication of H. pylori results in a disappearance of both acute and chronic gastritis. This supports the view that H. pylori plays a causal role in the pathogenesis of chronic gastritis.

Case Study: In the above clinical case Dr Chimthanwalla repertorised a patient suffering h pylori infection with chronic gastritis. He came up with 3 remedies Argentum nitricum, followed by Sulfur and antim crus. The last of the medicine in this Robinia Pseudacacia . After trying the results with the first 3 medicines which were unsatisfactory, the doctor says he switched over to Robinia for one month with amazing results. He started with 6c and then stepped up with 30c for 1 week each for 2 months. When endoscopy results werer taken after this treatment , the h pylori infection was gone and the patient had returned to normal. Dr Aadil recommends Robinia for H Pylori Infection Treatment, for long standing acidity particularly from H Pylori infection

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