Medisynth Gripkoll Gripe Drops, Homeopathy Gripe water for new borns

Medisynth Gripkoll Homeopathy Gripe water for new borns

Medisynth Gripkoll Gripe Drops Homeopathic Gripe Drops for infants and children is a Homoeopathic baby freedom from griping pain, acidity, flatulence and indigestion. A unique baby care formulation scientifically developed with the combination of Homeopathic medicines.

About Gripe Water: Gripe water is usually a over-the-counter liquid supplement that provides soothing colic to babies, some also for hiccups and flatulence, teething pain, ,among other ailments. It is usually mixture of sodium bicarbonate and herbs such as ginger, fennel, chamomile, cinnamon, cardamom, licorice, clove, dill, lemon balm or peppermint. It is safe as it does not contain alcohol or sucrose. The credit for inventing gripe water goes to Woodward who got inspired from the treatments for malaria and “fen fever”. He studied that the formula used to treat fen fever was also an effective “soother of fretful babies and provided relief from gastrointestinal troubles in infants. Gripe water is recommended by some pediatricians and alternative practitioners as a natural option

The clinical effectiveness of gripkoll is attributable to the marked action of its Homeopathic ingredients. The anti spasmodic property of Colocynth acts synergetically with the medicinal property of aromatic Anise. Senna is of particular use in infantile colic and Magnesium Phosphoricum is the best known carminative among the Biochemic salts. These medicines, in combination, act effectively in all cases of flatulence, gripe, dyspepsia and abdominal colic. Being Homeopathic, they are absolutely safe and hence eminently suitable for infants and children.

Indications for Gripkoll: Child cries for no known reason or is constantly irritable. Infantile colic and dentition problems. Gripe Flatulence, Acidity at any age, constipation and neurasthenia.

Contains: Medisynth Gripkoll Gripe Drops contains Colocynthsis 30 20%, Magnesium Phos 6 20%, Senna 30 20%, Anise 3x 20%

Dosage: Age upto 6 months 5 drops twice of Gripkoll a day. 6months to 1 year 10 drops twice a day. 1 year to 5 years 15 drops thrice a day. Over 5 years 20 drops thrice a day.

SIZE: Medisynth Gripkoll Gripe Drops comes in 30 ML sealed bottle

Manufacturer: Medisynth Ch. Pvt. Ltd

Storage: Store in cool and dry place

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