Glaucoma eye pressure treatment. Comocladia

glaucoma eye pressure treatment

Glaucoma eye pressure treatment with comocladia in homeopathy. In otherwise what is a silent disease, (no initial symptoms) the only indicative factor of Glaucoma is the high eye pressure which may cause headache and feeling of pressure behind the eyes. Indications for use of this remedy (as per expert opinion);

Glaucoma with pain, patient experience a fullness sensation in eyes. The eyes feel very enlarged. The eye pain gets worse by warmth and such a person feels relief in pain and eye fullness in open air. Motion of eyes aggravates symptoms. Ciliary neuralgia with eyes feeling large and protruded, especially right. Worse near stove. Feels as if pressed outward. Sees only glimmer of light with left eye.

Materiia medica states that use of Comocladia indicates to Eyeballs feel worse on moving them, feel sore and heavy, right eye more protruded than left.

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