Gallbladder stones treatment without operation by Dr Souparno

Gallbladder stones treatment without operation

Gallbladder stones treatment without operation case study

Stone in Gall bladder completely dissolved by DrSouparno Bose’s Homoeopathy: Case Study

Image Credit: DrSouparno Bose’s HomoeopathyHomoeopathy Learning System (Facebook)

Case Study with patient profile

Multiple stones in Gallbladder in female patient, largest one was 5mm detected by USG in March 22.

She felt constant & continual nausea which was relieved by induced vomiting.

Constipated hard stool difficult to pass. Sometimes blood comes out after passing stool.

As if not finished sensation after stool.

Sleeplessness at night. Gas formation & pain in abdomen after night watching.

Dr Souparno prescribed Poison nut 0/6 twice daily for 15 days. She felt better within 3 days. Her constipation, nausea & pain in upper part of abdomen gone within 7 days.

After a month Dr Souparno prescribed Poison Nut 0/9 for another 15 days.

In 4th month same medicine 0/12 for 15 days.

After 6 months Dr adviced to do ultrasonography USG of whole abdomen & the result is displayed in the Image above (All complete dissolutions diagnosed by oral cholecystography were confirmed or refuted by ultrasound examination). Gallstone treatment a complete success!

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