Fourrts Fort Malt- Homeopathic energy booster, weight gainer for children

Fourrts Fort Malt- Homeopathic energy booster, weight gainer for children

Fourrts FortMalt is an ideal energy malt for growing children. It is a safe homeopathy medicine for weight gain in undernourished children due to malnutrition.

Fort malt is ideal for the stimulation and regeneration of both physical and mental processes, particularly when the normal capacity of assimilation is retarded. It is particularly indicated for children in case of under weight, malnutrition and under nourishment, for weight gain and general feeling of well being. The best homeo medicine to fight weakness at all levels. Fortmalt among the best homeo medicinal supplement for weakness of the body combating mental and physical fatigue

Fourrts FortMalt Ingredients: Each 5gm ( 1 teaspoonful ) of fort malt contains alfalfa 2x 32.5mg, avena sativa 3x 17.5mg cinhona off. 3×7.5mg hydrastis can. 2x 7.5mg withania som, 2x 17.5mg acid phos. 2x 17.5mg, ferrum phos. 6x 25mg. kali phos 6x25mg natrum phos. 6x 25mg, calc phos 6x 25mg. mag phos 6x 25mg in malt ectract base. caramel brow & aromatics q s

Mode of action of individual ingredients in Fourrts FortMalt:
Medicago sativa (alfalfa): Contains amino acids, which are indispensable for the bodily structure. it favorably influences nutrition by toning up the appetite and digestion, improves vigour and is indicated for neurasthenia, nervousness and insomnia. it increases quality and quantity of milk in lactating mothers.
Avena Sativa: Tonic for debility after exhausting diseases, and general fatigue. It is reputed to have sedative activity and is claimed to be of value in drug-dependence
Hydrastis: Indicated for easily tiring persons with debility and catarrhal symptoms and weight loss. Weak muscular power, poor digestion. lumbago and constipation, especially suitable for the elderly
Dosage: For growing children, pregnant women and adults: 10 g (2 teaspoonful) daily after breakfast. For under weight children : 10 g 2 to 3 times daily with food or cold milk or as directed by the physician.

Size: Fourrts FortMalt comes in 250gms sealed bottle.

Manufacturer: Fourrts India Laboratories Pvt. Ltd

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