Dulcamara Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M

Adel Dulcamara Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M

This medicine is prepared from fresh green stems and leaves of plant Solanum dulcamara having the common name Woody Nightshade and Bitter sweet

It works well when there is nasal blockage. It is attended with problems in breathing through the nose. Other symptoms that attend are constant sneezing and watery discharge from nose and eyes.
Its use is done when the thigh pain is better when walking. Persons requiring it have drawing or tearing pain in thighs. It is worse when sitting. Dulcamara is also a significant medicine for managing pain of drawing nature that extends from small of back to thighs.
his medicine is valuable for cases presenting with pain in back muscles that occurs from cold exposure. The pain may worsen at night and while resting. It tends to get better from motion.
It works well in case of flat warts. People needing it have these warts either on palms or on the back side of their hands. But in the case of fingers they usually occur on the back of fingers. The warts are large and smooth
It is indicated when the urine contains albumin and there is swelling in body tissue and pain in the kidney region. Along with this there is a constant desire to urinate. Urine is turbid, scanty, offensive and may contain tough, jelly – like, white or red mucus.

Dulcamara30 is another effective medicine for warts. It is prescribed for large for large, smooth, warts on face and palmar surface of hands. When Thuja fails to act Dulcamara completes the cure. Dulcamara is suitable for people with rheumatic complaints that are worse in cold, damp weather or humidity.
Dulcamara is effective medicine for urticaria skin infection pimples eruption cold cough fever diarrhoea gout and rheumatoid arthritis joint pain asthma especially symptoms occur in rainy season and damp weather and cold weather. Doses Dulcamara 30 ch 2 drop 3 times a day for children’s 1 drop 3 times a day

Dulcamara Homeopathic Medicine. Dulcamara 30, 200, for Diseases of rainy season & damp weather. Dulcamara Dilution is a highly useful multipurpose health tonic which is used to treat several health complications but its primary uses include treatment of jaundice, pneumonia, psoriasis, eczema, cramps, asthma and lack of mensuration. It is also useful for the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis. Inflammation of urinary bladder with painful urination can also be healed using this remedy. It is also helpful in treating painful menses with soreness of breasts in women. Dulcamara ! Homeopathic Medicine Dulcamara ? for Diseases of rainy season & Damp Weather. Homeopathy Medicine – Dulcamara.

Benefits: Dulcamara is highly effective in the treatment of health issues caused due to exposure to cold weathers. Dulcamara 30, 200 is useful remedy for patients suffering from wheezy cough and cystitis. Dulcamara Cures skin disorders such as ringworms, hives and itchy eruptions throughout the body. Dulcamara Relieves conditions associated with hay fever such as runny nose and constant sneezing. Dulcamara helps in relieving asthma and improves breathing by relieving from congestion. Dulcamara excellent remedy to cure itchy throat with thick discharge from the nose. Dulcamara relives stiffness in muscles and joint pains and Treats conditions associated with rheumatism. Dulcamara can also be used in treating diarrhoea accompanied by severe headache. Provides relief from inflammation of bladder and painful urination.

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