Dr.Vashisht Natrum Sulphuricum Biochemic Tissue Salts 6x

Dr.Vashisht Natrum Sulphuricum Biochemic Tissue Salts 6x

About Natrum Sulphuricum is the main targets are liver, gallbladder and gastrointestinal tract. It is suitable for people who have a constitutional tendency to accumulate tissue fluid. They feel cold even in a warm bed. They get easily exhausted and suffer from daytime fatigue. Lancinating (tearing, sharply cutting) pains in the left chest and left hip. Predisposition to gallbladder and liver diseases and to jaundice; so-called “bilious type. inflammation of the gastric mucosa and the intestines frequently accompany these symptoms. Serious effects of moist climate, malarial sequels, gastroduodenitis, hepatopathy, cholecystopathy, icterus, hepatogenous diarrhoea, uric acid diathesis, pancreatitis, oedematous diathesis.
Indication Dr.Vashisht Natrum Sulphuricum is useful in liver disorders, gallstone, jaundice, poly urea. 
Contains Natrum Sulphuricum
Dr.Vashisht Natrum Sulphuricum Dosage Adults 4 Tablets, Children 2 Tablets, Or as directed by the Physician.
Dr.Vashisht Natrum Sulphuricum Size 30gms, 100gms, 500gms
Dr.Vashisht Natrum Sulphuricum Price MRP:70/-, MRP:180/-, MRP:510/-

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