Buy Dr.Bakshi B51 Laryngeal Drops for Voice Hoarseness, Laryngitis

Dr.Bakshi B51 Laryngeal Drops for Voice Hoarseness, Laryngitis

Dr.Bakshi B51 Laryngeal Drops preparation for treatment of inflammatory conditions of larynx. Homeopathic Laryngeal Drops.

Laryngitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the larynx (voice box), which is located in the upper part of the respiratory tract. The most common symptom is hoarseness that may, within several days, progress to partial or total loss of voice. Fever, sore throat and difficulty in swallowing may occur as well.

Dr Bakshi B51 Laryngeal drops are Indicated to help relive choronic hoarseness of singers, Actors, teacher and public speakers, besides relieving other symptoms of larygitis like sore throat and cough.

Mode of Action Individual Ingredients
Argentum nitricum: Rirritant of mucous membranes, chronic, hoarseness.
Arnica Montana: Pleurodynia, cough causes bloodshot eyes or nosebleed.
Phytolacca: Sore throat. Aching pains in chest, difficult breathing.
Calcarea carbonica: Ticking cough, fleeting chest pains. painless hoarseness.

Dr.Bakshi B51 Laryngeal Drops series of liquid preparations are indicated for healing several diseases while alleviating or mitigating the symptoms of others. This liquid form of medicine absorbs better and acts faster than globule medicine.

Ingredients/Composition:Dr.Bakshi B51 Laryngeal Drops, Baksons #B51 drops (Laryngeal Drops) Contains: Arg. Nit 12x, Arnica Mon 30x, Phytolacca 12x, cal. Carb. Hah. 30x.

Dr.Bakshi B51 Laryngeal Drops Dosage: Acute Cases: 3 doses of 10-15 drops each at 15 mins. Interval followed by every 2 hours till improvement sets in.

Size:Dr.Bakshi B51 Laryngeal Drops comes in 30ml

Manufacturer: Baksons drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd

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