Buy Dr.Bakshi B38 Reactivating Drops for weak immunity, skin affections

Dr.Bakshi B38 Reactivating Drops for weak immunity, skin affections

Dr.Bakshi B38 Reactivating Drops homeopathic liquid preparation for treatment of immune disorders. Homeopathic Reactivating Drops

An Immune system is a system of biological structures and processes within an roganism that protects against disease by identitying and killing pathogens. Age, stress and poor nutrition can sap the immune system of its effectiveness. A depressed immune system, by contrast. will allow invading organisms to flourish and decrease the vitality of the person.

Dr Bakshi B38 Reactivating drops are Indicated to hepl relive improve the lowered reactivity of the body manifested as obstinate skin affections whivh do not respond to any therapy. Helps improve Grneral Dyscrasis

Mode Of Action Individual Ingredients
Medorrhinum: Yellow intense and incessant itching, fiery red rash , copper-colored spots.
Psorinum: Sebaceous glands secrete excessively; oily skin indolent ulcers, slow to heal eczema behind ears.
Thuja occi: Polypi, tubercles, warts epithelioma, naevi, carbuncles, ulces.
Vaccinium myr: Keeps intestine aseptic and prevents absorption and reinfection.

Dr. Bakshi B drop series of liquid preparations are indicated for healing several diseases while alleviating or mitigating the symptoms of others. This liquid form of medicine absorbs better and acts faster than globule medicine.

Ingredients: Dr. Bakshi B drops, Baksons #B38 drops (Reactivating Drops) Contains: Medorrhinum 30x, psorinum 3x, Thuja occi, 30x, Vaccinium Myr 30x.

Manufacturer: Baksons drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd

Dr.Bakshi B38 Reactivating Drops Dosage: Take 10-15 drops in some water 3 times daily.

Size:Dr.Bakshi B38 Reactivating Drops comes in 30 ml

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