Buy Doliosis D69 Spanish Fly Drops – Sex Tonic, Natural Aphrodisiac

Doliosis D69 Spanish Fly Drops - Sex Tonic for better performance, Aphrodisiac medicine

Spanish Fly or D69 Drops is a homeopathic medicine from Doliosis for increased sexual performance in males. It acts as a sex XXX tonic, which can help to increase the sexual desire and performance of a satisfactory sexual act in both men and women. It is indicated to increases sexual performance in adults and acts as a well know aphrodisiac

Impotence or sexual weakness is quite a common phenomenon, Sexual advise association reports that 10% of men suffer sexual dysfunction. Traditional medicinal formula have been now incorporated in modern homeopathic medicine to boost sexual power in men and women. Cantharidin (Cantharis) which is the active substance of the dried bodies of a blister beetle (Lytta vesicatoria) is best known for centuries as Spanish fly (aphrodisiac). It is also medically used for the topical treatment of warts and mollusca contagiosum. Check out Damiana, another star performance sex medicine in Homeopathy to supercharge your sexual glands.

Doliosis D69 Spanish Fly Drops is a potent formulation of Agnus castus 8x , Cantharis 8x, urtica urens 12xt, thuja occidentails 10x, Echinacea angustifolia 8x that has well known properties to favorably influence in the sexual sphere.

Doliosis D69 helps Acts as a sex tonic, which can help to indrease the sexual desire and psrformance of a satisfactory sexual act in both men and womwn.

Action of individual ingredients in Spanish Fly – Agnus Castus (organs cold & relaxed),Urtica Urens (physical tiredness), Echinecea Angustofolia (increase blood circulation), Cantharis(stimulant)

Presentation: 30ml

Ingredients: Each ml of Doliosis D69 Spanish Fly Drops Contains: Agnus castus 8x -0.02percent, Cantharis 8x-0.02percent, urtica urens 12x-0.02percent, thuja occidentails 10x, 0.02percent, Echinacea angustifolia 8x-0.02percent.

Manufacturer: Doliosis Homoeo Pharma Pvt. Ltd

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