Lords Camy Black K2 Arnica Hair Oil with Shikakai, Bhringraj, Amla

Camy Black K2 Arnica Hair Care Oil with shikakai, bhringraj, jeborandi, brahmi amla and sage leaves

Lords Camy black K2 special arnica hair oil is a premium product from lord’s cosmetics international, which is enriched with shikakai, bhringraj, jeborandi, brahmi amla and sage leaves for total hair care

Lords Camy black K2 contains herbal ingredients that revitalize hair by penetrating into hair roots and weak follicles, which results into hair growth. It also nourishes the scalp thus fighting against dandruff. It is also useful for certain types of a alopecia (bladness) finally it gives rise to rich, healthy, shining, lustrous hair with softness too.

Ingredients: Lords Camy black K2 Contains: Shikakai, Bhringraj, Jaborandi, Brahmi Amla and Sage Leaves,

Action of individual ingredients in Lords Camy Black K2 Arnica

Amla or gooseberries has been used for dry and itchy scalp, known for its goodness in terms of hair growth, improving hair luster, benefits dry; thinning and graying hair.
Shikakai (acacia concinna) is a famous ancient herb well known for treating scabies, it stops hair fall & promtes new hair growth and treats dandruff
Bhringraj (eclipta alba) helps hair growth, cures baldness, dandruff, it is best for hair loss, Premature graying of hair.

Application: Dip your fingers in the Lords Camy Black K2 Arnica Hair Oil preferably lukewarm. Make a small partition of your hair with your hand and apply the oil to the scalp Avoid rubbing your hair with your palms as it can break it. Massaging is essential as it helps improves blood circulation in your scalp area. massage hair for 10 to 15 minutes


Rate: Rs.185

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7 thoughts on “Lords Camy Black K2 Arnica Hair Oil with Shikakai, Bhringraj, Amla”

    1. Apply ProBeard Oil that is specifically designed for Beard nourishment. It has Castor oil that is best recommended for Beard Oil. Also it has Thuja, Cantharis, Til or sesame, Jaborandi which have can prevent Greying. The mix of oils penetrates the hair, coats the hair and moisturizes the skin well. Get a healthier Beard with these Tips here

  1. Dr Wellmans black k1 arnica hair oil rate is low (MRP 130 rs) than your camy black k2 arnica hair oil.difference is 55 rs. Approx name and work is same and also the Ingredients in both hair oil so why I choose camy hair products.

    1. The difference in price may be explained to the premium positioning by Lords. The Lords Camy range is from Lords cosmetic international range. We also keep Wellman’s product and you may order the same from us.

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