Blooume 47 Bio Alfa Tonic, Appetizer & Digestion toner

Blooume 47 Bio Alfa Tonic increases appetite, improves digesion

Blooume 47 Bio Alfa Tonic is indicated for toning up the appetite and improving digestion.

Ingredients: Blooume 47 Bio Alfa Tonic contains Alfalfa Q, Ammi Visnaga 3x, Avena Sat. Q,
Cinchona Officinalis Q, Ginseng Q, Lecithin 6x.

Action of individual ingredients in Blooume 47 Bio Alfa Tonic
Alfalfa Q: Tones up appetite and improves digestion.
Ammi Visnaga 3x: Useful in cases of chronic indigestion.
Avena Sat. Q: Restores energy after exhausting diseases.
Cinchona Officinalis Q: Restores energy after an attack of influenza.
Ginseng Q: Since the root contains high vitamin contents, it is good for convalescence.
Lecithin 6x: Useful in cases of insomnia.

Dosage: Adults one tablespoon, 3-4 times daily. Children: half the adult dose. Or as directed by the physician.

Size: 30ml

Manufacturer: Holistic remedies in collaboration with Bioforce A.g Switzerland

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