Buy Blooume 35 Constiposan Tablets for Constipation relief

Blooume 35 Constiposan Tablets for Constipation, Dry HArd stools, Homeopathy Laxative

Blooume 35 Constiposan Tablets is a Swiss homeopathic formulation indicated for reducing intensity of symptoms associated with constipation.

Constipation It is a symptom and not a disease. Many men and nearly all women complain about their bowels. They have always tended to be rather constipated. Instead of having a daily bowel action, their bowels move only once every two or three days rather with difficult stool and at times painful.
1) The term given is intestinal stasis. In order that peristalsis may take place, it is necessary for the bowels to contain adequate amount of unabsorbed material or roughage which acts as stimulus for movement of the bowels. Taking of regular evacuants harms and lifelong dependence on one of them may cause organic complaints. However, in some cases at sometime it becomes a compulsion to prescribe a laxative. The need for laxative in patients taking Bioplasgen/Biocombination 4 is lower.
2) Normal regular movement of the bowels is not to be expected in febrile dehydrated patients who are taking little or no solid food. Greater care must be taken to ensure a regular evacuation in weak, elderly patients, in whom accumulation of a mass of faces in the rectum tends to occur.
3) Dyschezia is constipation due to functional sluggishness of the bowel, due to persistent failure to answer the call to stool. Apart from training of a regular bowel habit, use of Biocombination 4 or glycerin suppository if needed helps the children and old.
4) Inefficient contraction in both the above conditions is related to improper intestinal fluid, the presence and content. The other cause is weakness of the muscles controlling the movement

Ingredients: Blooume 35 Constiposan Tablets contrains Alumen 2x, Cholesterinum 3x,
Nux Vomica 3x, Platinum Metallicum 6x, Senna 2x, Solanum Nigrum 3x.

Action of individual ingredients in Blooume 35 Constiposan Tablets:
Alumen 2x: Useful in cases where no desires for stool at all for days.
Cholesterinum 3x: Used in constipation which causes fissures of anus.
Nux Vomica 3x: Helps in ineffectual desire to pass stool.
Platinum Metallicum 6x: Useful in traveler’s constipation.
Senna 2x: Useful in cases of constipation with flatulence and colic.
Solanum Nigrum 3x: Removes frequent unsuccessful.

Dosage: Adults 2-4 tablets, thrice daily. Children: half the adult dose. Or as directed by the physician.

Size: 30ml

Manufacturer: Holistic remedies in collaboration with Bioforce A.g Switzerland

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