Blooume 13 Fatosan drops from Bioforce, homeopathy for weight loss

Blooume 13 Fatosan, Biforce AG Switzerland, Weight loss

Blooume 13 Fatosan reduces weight in patients of nontoxic goitre, reduces weight in obese people with tendency to catch colds, restores liver function in patients of chronic liver troubles, helps in reducing weight in obese people.

Obesity or overweight is a disease characterized by abnormal body fat and affects roughly 15% of the India’s population . Obesity cause can be traced to factors like imbalance between calorie intake and consumption habit, age, sex, genes, psychological and mental makeup and environmental factors. Excessive weight leads to various health problems, like blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis and cardiovascular ailments. Obesity treatment without any harmful side effects is made possible only through Homeopathy

Background: Obesity Causes
Weight gain occurs when you eat more calories than your body uses up. If the food you eat provides more calories than your body needs, the excess is converted to fat. Initially, fat cells increase in size. When they can no longer expand, they increase in number. If you lose weight, the size of the fat cells decreases, but the number of cells does not.
Obesity, however, has many causes. The reasons for the imbalance between calorie intake and consumption vary by individual. Your age, sex, genes, psychological makeup, and environmental factors all may contribute to obesity.
Genes: Obesity tends to run in families, This is caused both by genes and by shared diet and lifestyle habits. Having obese relatives does not guarantee that you will be obese.
Emotions:: Some people overeat because of depression, hopelessness, anger, boredom, and many other reasons that have nothing to do with hunger. This doesn’t mean that overweight and obese people have more emotional problems than other people. It just means that their feelings influence their eating habits, causing them to overeat. In some unusual cases, obesity may be used as a defense mechanism because of the perceived social pressures related to being more physically desirable, particularly in young girls, In these cases, as with the other emotional causes, psychological intervention may be helpful.
Environmental factors:: The most important environmental factor is lifestyle. Your eating habits and activity level are partly learned from the people around you. Overeating and sedentary habits (inactivity) are the most important risk factors for obesity.
Sex:: Men have more muscle than women, on average. Because muscle burns more calories than other types of tissue, men use more calories than women, even at rest. Thus, women are more likely than men to gain weight with the same calorie intake.
Age:: People tend to lose muscle and gain fat as they age. Their metabolism also slows somewhat. Both of these lower their calorie requirements.
Pregnancy:: Women tend to weight an average of 4-6 pounds more after a pregnancy than they did before the pregnancy. This can compound with each pregnancy. This weight gain may contribute to obesity in women.

Homeopathy acts effectively in obesity treatment , in various ways 1. by stimulating the body metabolism to burn more fat, 2. regulate the digestion process 3.act as anorexiant. Homeopathic remedies do not dissolve body fat, therefore exercise along with the right low carb diet is a must to ensure effective weight loss. Homeopathic treatment lays emphasis on the patient profile and his pathological condition.

Ingredients: Blooume 13 Fatosan contains Fucus Vesiculosus 1x, Graphites 30x, Kali Carbonicum 30x, Phytolacca 2x.

Action of individual ingredients in Blooume 13 Fatosan:
Fucus Vesiculosus 1x: Reduces weight in patients of non-toxic goitre. stimulates the thyroid gland that plays the most important role in fat metabolism in the body
Graphites 30x: a stimulant that acts on the digestive tissues of the digestive organs and end the hypofunction of the main glands resulting in better secretions. Useful for women with delayed menstruation. Reduces weight in obese people with tendency to catch colds.
Kali Carbonicum 30x: Restores liver function in patients of chronic liver troubles.
Phytolacca 2x: considered a prime obesity solution, it contains phytotheraputic properties known to target body fat and glandular swellings. Recommended for people who suffer general soreness, bruised feeling, dizziness and syphilitic rheumatism

Dosage: Adults20 drops in a tablespoon of water, 1/2 an hour before eating, 3 to 5 times daily. Children: half the adult dose. Or as directed by the physician.

Size: 30ml

Manufacturer: Holistic remedies in collaboration with Bioforce A.g Switzerland

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