Bjain Biocombination No 20 Tablets for Skin Diseases

Bjain Biocombination No 20 Tablets for Skin Diseases

Bjain Biocombination No 20 Tablets is indicated for Eczema, acne, cracks, eruptions on the scalp, psoriasis, seborrhoea and pemphigus.

Bjain Biocombination No 20 Tablets is an essential body cell salt indicated for skin diseases. It is useful for Acne, cracks, whitlow, eczema, eruptions on the scalp, seborrhoea, psoriasis, herpes.

Bjain Biocombination No 20 Tablets Composition:
• Calcarea fluorica 6X
• Calcarea sulphurica 6X
• Kalium sulphuricum 3X
• Natrum sulphuricum 3X
• Natrum muriaticum 6X

Mode of action of individual ingredients in SBL Bio Combination No.20 Tablets
Calcarea fluorica 6x: Calc fluor is referred to as the elasticity mineral. It is present in the cells of the enamel of the teeth, bone, and in the fibers of the skin. It is generally indicated for relaxed muscle tissues in the body.
Calcarea sulphurica 6x: Calc Sulph. cleans out the accumulation of non-functional, organic matter in the tissues and causes infiltrated parts to discharge their contents readily, throwing-off decaying organic matter, so that it may not lie dormant or slowly decay and thus injure the surrounding tissues. Calc. Sulph. is indicated in conditions arising from impurities in the blood steam.
Natrum muriaticum 6x: Nat mur has affinity with water distribution. It ensures a balance of moisture throughout the organism. It is indicated in conditions where too much water or dryness appears in the system.
Kalium sulphuricum 3x: Kali sulph is similar to Ferrum phos. It helps carry oxygen to the blood. It is present in all cells that contain iron. This salt is well indicated for skin conditions.
Natrum sulphuricum 3x: Nat sulph helps excrete excessive water from the system.

Dosage: Adults- 2-4 tablets, 4 times a day, Children- Half the adults dose or as prescribed by the physician

Side Effects: No known side effects

Presentation: 25g

Manufacturer: B. Jain Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd

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