Bjain Biocombination No 10 Tablets for Enlarged Tonsils

Bjain Biocombination No 10 Tablets for Enlarged Tonsils

Bjain Biocombination No 10 Tablets is indicated for tonsillitis. thick, white, watery or yellowish nasal discharge. Thickly coated tongue, fever, bodyache.

Bjain Biocombination No 10 Tablets is an essential body cell salt indicated for Enlarged Tonsils. It is useful for inflamed tonsils, follicular tonsillitis, painful with white coating or greyish white patches on tongue or tonsils, bad breath with loss or lowered appetite.

Introduction: Tonsils: Acute inflammation of the tonsils is common painful condition mostly in children, which should not be neglected because of the serious complications, which sometimes occur like rheumatism and nephritis.

Bjain Biocombination No 10 Tablets Composition:
• Calcarea phosphorica 3X
• Ferrum phosphoricum 3X
• Kalium muriaticum 3X

Mode of Action of individual ingredients in Bjain Biocombination No 10 Tablets
Calcarea Phosphorica 3x: Calc phos is referred to as the cell mineral. This salt is essential for the creation of new cells, especially bone cells
Ferrum Phophoricum 3x: Ferrum phos is present in the makeup (composition) of hemoglobin. It has the ability to draw oxygen from inhaled air and carry it to the blood.
Kalium Muriaticum 3x: Kali mur is a salt indicated for catarrh conditions and glandular swelling.

Dosage: Adults- 2-4 tablets, 4 times a day, Children- Half the adults dose or as prescribed by the physician.

Side Effects: No known side effects

Presentation: 25gm

Manufacturer: B. Jain Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd

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