BBP Soundarya Homeopathic Cream – New lamy pack

Soundarya Homeopathic cream new pack Berberis Aqui, Thuja Occ, Olium Santali

BBP Soundarya complexion cream with homeopathic extracts like Berberis Aqui, Thuja Occ, Olium Santali gently exfoliates to help improve skin’s tone and texture while helping treat and prevent blemishes with proven acne fighting ingredient. It serves as the prefect natural foundation for your skin texture and color by eliminating dark spots and bringing back the natural glow.

Uses: Bangalore Bio-Plasgens Soundarya cream is formulated with the natural extracts of herbs that have beneficial action on skin. It has key ingredients like berberis aqui, oleum sant, thuja occ etc. The cream helps to combat the skin affections like blackheads, pimples, scars, pitting, dry skin, sun burn etc. It could be among the best face cream for daily use in India going by its popularity and acceptance. Check out other popular homeopathic skin care products here

Check out Soundarya Complexion cream details in Hindi here बीबीपी सौंदर्य क्रीम – खूबसूरती का राज

Ingredients: BPP’s Soundarya cream Contains Berberis Aquifolium Hpi Q, Oleum Sandalum Hpi Q, Thuja Occ. Hpi Q. Natrum Mur Hpl.3x in Cream Base .

How the ingredients in BBP Soundarya cream work?
The key properties in BBP Soundarya cream are derived from the following ingredients
Berberis aquefolium= – it helps to clear facial complexion. It is used in cases where skin is dark and has scars due to acne or the other skin conditions.
Oleum santali (sandalwood) – reduces dryness, itchiness and tanning giving radiant glow to skin thereby enhancing skin fairness
Thuja occ – it stimulates the circulation of blood below the skin and nourishes the skin. It is also well known to treat skin ailments like psoriasis (red scaly skin patches), infectious skin diseases, warts etc.

Tips: Apply Soundarya Cream to the affected area usually once or twice a day, or as directed. Before applying each dose , gently wash the affected area with a mild cleanser or Use a gentle face wash, then pat dry. It is best applied in the night before going to bed

Size: BBP Soundarya Cream comes in 2 packs – 15Gms & 30 Gms presentation

Seller note: BBP Soundarya cream has got excellent customer reviews and accolades for its efficacy as a all purpose cream especially in improving skin tone. For a product that comes from a small brand which advertises very little, its soaring popularity is because of its word-of-mouth publicity by its customers. Buy with confidence and assurance at – India’s top online homeopathy store; Your destination for all good homeopathy products like Soundarya cream

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  1. I have many black spots (till) on face and some moles bbp Soundarya cream useful to remove these spots?.

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