Baksons Rheum Aid Syrup for Joint pains, Stiffness and Swelling

Baksons Rheum Aid Syrup for muscle and Joint pains, Stiffness and Swelling, homeopathy rheumatoid arthritis treatment

Baksons Rheum Aid Syrup is indicated for rheumatic fever, muscular pains, arthritis of knee, elbow, wrist, ankle and other small joints, arthritis deformans, gout, pain and stiffness of back, neck, limbs and hips, sciatica, cracking in joints, easy spraining of ankles, cramps in limbs, acute/chronic rheumatism, loss of muscular strength and tendency to easy fatigue.

About Muscle & Joint Pains
Muscle pain especially lower back pain, sprain, myalgia can leave you low on energy and you may feel unable to face daily challenges. It can be difficult to do work properly, deal with family or personal obligations, or even get out of bed when you’re facing yet another day with pain. This kind of pain can keep you up at night and your overall health will suffer. Address it with top Indian homeopathy remedy, safe & side effect free

Joint pain also referred to as arthralgia, arises from inflammation of joints due to stress factors is a common cause of shoulder pain, ankle pain, and knee pain. Any form of damage to the joints from disease or injury can interfere with your movement and cause a lot of pain. Many different conditions can lead to painful joints, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, gout, strains, sprains, and other injuries.

Rheumatism & Arthritis
Rheumatism is a commonly met phenomenon in the modem world of medicine, which is termed as a variety of disorders marked by inflammation and degeneration of connective tissue structures like the joints, bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles. It is characterised by redness, heat, swelling, pain and loss of functioning of the affected part. Arthritis is a component of rheumatism which means inflammation or degeneration of joints.

Arthritis is an abnormal reaction of the joints to certain factors like stress, trauma, injury, cold, exertion etc. The tendency to suffer from this abnormal reaction is inherited from parents and is called endogenic allergy. On being triggered off, this endogenic allergy manifests itself as the inflammation of either of the following systems – throat, respiratory tract, skin, gastrointestinal or musculo-skeletal system.

When the musculo-skeletal system gets involved, the individual may get perturbed by either of the following disorders – tennis elbow, dull back pain, neck stiffness, cervical/lumbar spondylosis, frozen shoulder, knee pain, osteoarthritis or agonising gout.

How Rheumaid syrup addresses connective tissue disorder in rheumatoid arthritis treatment?
Bakson introduces a palatable syrup for connective tissue disorder – RHEUMAID SYRUP. It is an aid to all the rheumatic complaints and gives instant, effective, safe, painless and permanent relief with no side effects. Unlike other analgesics or steroid therapy, Rheum Aid Syrup is not merely a pain killer. Infact it is a combination of various homeopathic medicines which tone up the musculoskeletal system, check and rectify the disorder and relieve from – pain, stiffness, tenderness and impaired functioning of the affected parts and that too without inducing any sedative effect. Above all, the effective Homeopathic medicines have been blended into a syrup base so that it can be easily taken by children. Check out popular homeopathic medicine list for rheumatoid arthritis

Ingredients: Baksons Rheum Aid Syrup Contains: Acidum Form 3x, Colchicum A. 5x, Rhus Tox. 3x, Natrum Sali. 3x, Ledum Pal. 3x, Dulcamara 3x, Lithium Carb. 5x, Gelsemium Semp, 3x, Ulmus. F.5x.

Mode of action of individual ingredients in Baksons Rheum Aid Syrup in rheumatoid arthritis treatment
Acid formic: Relieves chronic myalgia and rheumatism, rheumatic fever and Dupuytren’s contracture. Increases muscular strength and resistance to fatigue.
Colchicum a: Indicated for inflammation of great toe, gout in heel (cannot bear to have it touched or moved) and shifting rheumatism.
Rhus tox: Infallible in ailments from strains and overfilling. Relieves pain in tendons, ligaments and fascia, pain and stiffness in small of back and nape of neck, sciatica, stiff limbs and hot painful swelling of joints.
Natrum salicylicum: Relieves lassitude, drowsiness, listlessness and tremor.
Ledum pal: Suitable for gouty pains in foot and small joints. Joints swollen, hot, pale. Soles painful. Easy spraining of ankles.
Dulcamara: Indicated in rheumatic troubles induced by damp cold. Pain in shin bones.
Lithium carb: Infallible in chronic rheumatism, gout and tophi. Pain in shoulder joint, arms, fingers and knees. Swelling and tendemess of finger and toe joints. Pain in ankles on walking.
Gelsemium: Gives instant relief from dull heavy pain in neck, lumbar and sacral region, hips and lower extremities. Excessive trembling and weakness of limbs. Cramps in muscles of forearms. Writer’s cramps.
Ulmus f: Relieves fornication in feet, numb creeping pains in leg and feet. Rheumatic pains above wrists.

Dosage: Adults: 1 tablespoon of syrup, thrice daily. Children 1 teaspoon of syrup, thrice daily.

About Manufacturer Bakson Drugs and Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading manufacturers of Homoeopathic Medicines. Bakson ensures unmatched quality of all its products. All baksons homeopathy products are USFDA approved in addition to GMP and ISO certifications to indicate that the products meet high standards of quality in manufacturing processes.

Diet/Tips – Advice For better results in rheumatoid arthritis treatment:
Along with Rheum Aid Syrup, patients are advised the following: To exercise regularly. To avoid sudden change of temperature. To avoid: Cold water, cold aerated drinks e.g. Fruity, Maaza, Camps Cola, Pepsi etc. Fruit juices (citrus fruits) e.g. Orange, Mousambhi. Ice-creams, Curd (dahi), Buttermilk (Lassi). Fruits – Orange, Mousambhi, Bananas, Water Melon, Melon, Sour Grapes: All Maids Preparations. Vegetables – Colocasia (Arbi), Radish, Cauliflower, Carrots, Spinach (saag esp. Sarson ka saag), Beans, Bhindi. Starchy and fried food – Urad dal, Rajma, Channa, Rice, Kurhi, Noodles, Paranthas, Rice, Purls. (Rice is permissible for those whose staple diet is rice).

Presentation: 100 ml, 200 ml. and 450 ml.

Storage: Protect from heat, moisture & direct sunlight. Shake well before use. Replace the cap immediately after use.

Manufacturer: Baksons drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd

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