Baksons Homoeovit Syrup – Health Restorative Tonic

Baksons Homoeovit Syrup - Health Restorative Tonic with alfalfa

Baksons Homoeovit Tonic is a polyfunctional restorative tonic with goodness of alfalfa and ginseng for all ages. It normalises vital body function, Eases convalescence, promotes growth and development in children.

Indication: Helps to restore health when having reduced physical and mental efficiency, lack of appetite, aneamia, fatigue, exhaustion, convalescence, irritability, disturbed concentration and sleep.

Bakson Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of Homoeopathic Medicines. Bakson ensures unmatched quality of all its products. All baksons homeopathy products are USFDA approved in addition to GMP and ISO certifications to indicate that the products meet high standards of quality in manufacturing processes.

Background: The unavoidable and exhausting strain of life leads to conditions like fatigue, loss of appetite, Insomnia, irritability, mental exhaustion, Anaemia, general debility etc. Modern therapies temporarily alleviate the symptoms of one or the other problems eventually leading to new complications. Bakson’s Homoeopathy presents HOMOEOVIT, an ideal homoeopathic restorative tonic for the whole family. Bakson Homoeovit acts primarily on nerve centers, induces restful sleep and increases appetite.

About: Bakson Homoeovit is a time tested general tonic composed of a blend of well known and powerful medicines like ginseng – an adaptogen and energy stimulant, alfalfa which improves the appetite, physician and mental vigour along with seven other proven powerful homoeopathic medicines each of which contributes to its effectiveness. Panax ginseng having its original habitat in Korea has been in use for over a few thousands of years especially for its powerful restorative properties.

Present day’s scientific investigations have reconfirmed Baksons Homoeovit tonic’s immuno-modulatory, anti-stress, anti fatigue and various adaptogenic properties. The powerful effects of Ginseng are attributed to the synergistic action of its chemical constituents like the glycosides- Ginsenosides, vitamins mainly of D group. Ginseng has a capacity for enabling an organism to adapt to various adverse actions. Coming from environmental circumstances i.e. it helps maintain homeostasis and so acts as an excellent adaptogen. Clinical trials have proven that Ginseng increases the resistance of the body when the living organism is under an undesirable environment. It plays an important role in promoting efficiency in work and is excellent for the treatment of patients showing symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, memory impairment, commonly encountered in the present polluted environment. Enhances the defense mechanism in a state of impaired physical and neuropsychological functions.

Ingredients: Baksons Homoeovit tonic Contains: Avena sativa, Cinchona off. (china)2x, Ginseng, Hydrastis, Alfalfa, Acid formic 4x, Lecithin 2x, J. ashoka 2x, Manganum acet 2x.

Action of individual ingredients in Baksons Homoeovit tonic
Avena sativa: for symptoms like Nervous exhaustion, sexual debility, sleeplessness especially of alcoholics. Best tonic for debility after exhausting diseases. It has selective action on brain and nervous system favorably influencing their nutritive function. The nutrient contents include Vitamin B,C and E besides iron, calcium and copper.
China: It addresses debility from exhausting discharges, from loss of vital fluids, together with nervous erethism.
Ginseng: Acts on the lower part of the spinal cord. Indicated for Paralytic weakness, Vertigo, weakness of genital organs. Hydrastis: Acts on the aged (old), easily tired people, cache tic individuals with great debility, weak muscular power, poor digestion, obstinate constipation and depressed mind. Contains Vitamin C which improves immune function.
Alfalfa: is a main ingredient in Baksons Homoeovit tonic which is indicated for neuraesthenia, nervousness, insomnia, indigestion. It favourably influences nutrition, toning up appetite and digestion resulting in greatly improved mental and physical vigor with gain in weight. It is rich in vitamins A,B,C,D,E and minerals namely calcium, copper, phosphorus.
Acid formic: Reduces chronic muscular pains. It increases muscular strength and resistance to fatigue. Makes one stronger and fit.
Lecithin: excellent for mental exhaustion, impotency, symptoms of general break down. It is important in vital processes. It has a favorable influence on the nutritive condition and especially upon the blood and hence is used in anaemia, convalescence, neuraesthenia and insomnia .It increases the number of red corpuscles and amount of haemoglobin.
Janosia ashoka: It has extensive sphere of action on female organs, amenorrhoea, menorrhagia, disturbed sleep.
Manganum aceticum: It is efficacious for anaemia with destruction of red corpuscles.

Dosage: One tablespoonful of Baksons Homoeovit tonic two times a day. Children: One teaspoonful two times a day or as prescribed by the physician. For best results take Homoeovit with water.

Manufacturer: Bakson Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Presentation: 115ml, 225 m and 450 ml

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