Bakson Mig Aid Tablets for recurring severe headache and migraine

Bakson Mig Aid Tablets for recurring Severe Headache and Migraine, Chronic Migraine treatment Tips

Bakson Mig Aid Tablets provides instant relief in any type of headache associated with migraine, periodical headache of school children, premenstrual headaches, climacteric headaches. Headache due to eye strain or on exposure to heat of sun or light

MIG AID TABLETS is a safe, successful homoeopathic formula, which reduces the intensity of pain as well as frequency of attacks with its two pronged action:

  • The homoeopathic components give immediate relief in an attack of migraine. Result varies in certain chronic cases.
  • The biochemic components restore the balance of deficient mineral salts in the body cells, which reduces the frequency of attacks. The clinically tried and tested formula has been proved to be free from side effects.
    About Headache & Migraines
    Headache or cephalgia is defined as pain in the head or upper neck. It can be symptom of a number of different conditions of the head and neck. Some people have occasional headaches that resolve quickly, while others are debilitating. Migraine is a periodic, hemi-cranial headache often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, flickering of eyes in a bright light, blurring of vision, double vision, constipation or diarrhoea and is preceded by sensory symptoms. It may begin in childhood, adolescence or adult life and recurs with less frequency and intensity during advancing years. It gets manifested in conditions of stress, anxiety; exposure to sunlight etc. 20%-30% of the population suffers from migraine. Women are affected 3 times as men are. Family history is positive in 60% of the cases. To ignore an attack of migraine is nearly impossible as it may completely disrupt one’s work and social life.

    Types of Headache
    Primary headache is not associated with (caused by) other diseases like migraine, tension and cluster headache. Tension headaches are due to tight muscles in shoulders, neck, scalp and jaw & often related to stress, depression or anxiety. Migraine is unilateral and pulsating headache, lasting from 4 to 72 hours associated with nausea, vomiting, increased sensitivity to light and sound. Cluster headaches refer to periodically occurring headaches of extreme intensity, with active periods interrupted by spontaneous remissions. Secondary headaches are caused by associated diseases such as sinusitis, brain tumors, strokes, meningitis, caffeine withdrawal or discontinuation of analgesics.

    Anatomy of Migraine
    The skull has two parts-cranium & the face. The cranium is formed by a number of flat irregular bones with immovable joints in between called the sutures. The cranial bones have numerous perforations through which nerves, blood vessels and lymph vessels pass. These sutures like all other joints of the body are subjected to tremendous stress, strain and injuries. Genetic predisposition and allergic tendencies, when triggered off by these factors cause inflammation of the sutures which causes pain.

    Allergy is classified as exogenic & endogenic allergy. Endogenic allergy is the fundamental cause of all allergies and it runs in the family of the individual. Exogenic allergy is the type of allergic manifestation, which appears in when an individual comes in contact with specific allergen (e.g. dust, pollen, pesticide, insecticide, certain foods, UV rays etc.). On exposure to the specific allergen, histamine is released in the body, which causes an inflammatory reaction. The weakest organ in the body being the seat of manifestation.

    An inflammatory condition of the shoulder is medically termed as frozen shoulder, of the elbow is known as tennis elbow, of the cervical vertebrae is known as cervical spondylosis, of the lumbar vertebrae is known as lumbar spondylosis and of the peripheral joints is known as gout. Similar inflammation when seen in the sutures of cranium is known as Rheumatic Headache (Ref. Kent’s repertory page #146) which in modern terminology is called Migraine. Dr. Schussler in the III part of his book-The twelve tissue remedies, under Rheumatism (Page#291) mentions “Pain in sutures” which substantiates the concept of Rheumatic Headache.

    Since inherited allergy is the primary cause of all the allergies, it runs down from generations to generations and weakest organ of the body of the individual becomes the seat of manifestation. So, one person in the family may have allergic manifestation in the form of recurrent cough and cold, while another may have an allergic rash in the summers and Arthritis during winters, while still another may suffer from migraine.

    Migraine Treatment
    Common medicine for migraines are pain relievers, Aspirin or ibuprofen which are usually sold as over the counter (OTC) help relieve mild migraines whereas higher class medicines like Triptans, Opioid medications are prescription led. Homeopathy offers acute and preventive medications for Migraine. Homeopathic medicines treats
    Headaches arising from nervous irritability, intolerance to heat & light (Sanguinaria)
    Neuralgia, supaorbital pains, sensation of heat at the top of head (Cimicifuga)
    Headache due to Sun, reference to heart (Spigella)
    Feeling of heaviness (congestion) in head, pain above eyes (Gelsemium)
    Periodic migraine, intense headache causing vision problems, Vomiting (Iris Vesic)
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    Ingredients: Contains: Each tablet contains equal proportion of: Cimicifuga racemose 4x, Gelsemium sempervirens 3x, Iris versicolor 2x, Sanguinaria canadensis 3x, Spigelia marilandica 4x, Natrum muriaticum 3x, Ferrum phosphoricum 3x, Kali phosphoricum 3x.

    The action of individual ingredients is Mig Aid for migraine cure is as follows:
    Cimicifuga racemose: Lessens the frequency and force of the migraine, soothes pain and relieves irritability.
    Gelsemium sempervirens: Provides effective treatment for vertigo, occipital headache, dull headache, headache preceded by blindness and better by profuse urination and scalp sore to touch.
    Iris versicolor: Recommended for treatment of sick headaches, beginning with blurring of vision and getting relieved with relaxation of mental strain.
    Sanguinaria canadensis: Treats sun headaches, periodical headaches, headache at climacteric, pain that gets better with lying down and sleep.
    Natrum muriaticum: Indicated for blinding headaches. Headaches as if thousands of little hammers were knocking on the brain; headache in the morning, after menstruation, from sunrise to sunset, from eye strain; chronic headache.
    Spigelia marilandica: Relieves pain beneath frontal eminence and temples, extending to eyes.
    Ferrum phosphoricum: Suitable for throbbing headaches, arising due to ill effects of sun heat, vertigo and soreness of head to touch, cold noise.
    Kali phosphoricum: Relieves headache of students and those worn out by fatigue, headache with weary, empty, gone feeling at stomach.

    Dosage: Adult Pack: 1 tablet 4 times a day. In acute attack, 1 tablet 2 hourly 6 times a day and once the improvement starts, reduce it to normal dosage. Medication is to be continued for chronic cases for a period of 6 months to 1 year to build up body’s resistance.
    Paediatric Pack: Infants (0-1 year): 1 tablet thrice a day. Toddlers (1-3 years): 2 tablets thrice a day. Children (Above 3 years): 3 tablets thrice a day. Or as prescribed by the physician.

    Presentation: 50 Tablets (5×10 Tabs. in Blister pack), 75 Tablets, 200 Tablets, 250 Tablets (Paediatric Pack)

    Storage: Protect from heat, moisture & direct sunlight. Replace the cap immediately after use. Homoeopathic Medicine

    Manufacturer: Bakson Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

    About Manufacturer Bakson Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. one of the leading manufacturers of Homoeopathic Medicines in India. Bakson ensures unmatched quality of all its products. All baksons homeopathy products are USFDA approved in addition to GMP and ISO certifications to indicate that the products meet high standards of quality in manufacturing processes.

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    Clinical study report on Bakson Mig Aid Tablets
    The below graph depicts how Bakson’s Homoeopathy helps in lowering the intensity of symptoms (smaller subsequent peaks), in decreasing the duration of the episodes (area under the peaks) and in increasing the time gap between subsequent episodes. Eventually the patient acquires enough resistance to remain symptom-free despite repeated exposure to the same allergens.

    Chronic Migraine treatment Tips:
    Along with Mig Aid Tablets patients are advised:

    1. To avoid stress and anxiety
    2. To practice relaxation exercises.
    3. To avoid: If any of the following food item aggravates the disease, then it has to be avoided during the medication. Cold water, cold aerated drinks e.g. fruity, maaza, coca cola, pepsi etc. Fruit juices (citrus fruits) e.g. Orange, Mousambhi. Ice-creams, Curd (Dahi), Buttermilk (Lassi). Fruits- Orange, Mousambhi, Bananas, Water Melon, Melon, Sour grapes. All Maida Preparations. Vegetables- Colocasia (Arbi), Raddish, Cauliflower, Carrots, Spinach (saag esp. sarson ka saag), Beans, Bhindi. Starchy and fried food- Urad dal, Rajma, Channa, Rice, Kurhi, Noodles. (Rice is permissible for those whose staple diet is rice). 
    4. Warning: Patients already taking allopathic medicines particularly steroids should not discontinue them abruptly but gradually taper them off.
    5. There may be a homoeopathic aggravation in some very sensitive patients (10- 15%). They should reduce the frequency to once daily till the condition stabilises and then revert to normal dosage.
    6. If symptoms persist, worsen or recur frequently, consult a physician.


    Other top Homeopathy medicines list for migraine treatment

    Dr.Reckeweg R16 Migraine Drops   Dr.Reckeweg R16 Migraine Drops are indicated for throbbing pain in the head which is usually occurs on one side accompanied by nausea and blurred vision (migraine), nervous headaches, neuralgia of the head, , Occipital neuralgia (chronic pain in the back of the head, upper neck, and behind the eyes due to occipital nerves).  Contains Iris Versic, Sanguinaria, Spigelia  etc , Dosage 10-15 drops in some water 3-6 times a day
    Adel 1 apo-DOLOR drops – Homeopathic medicines for headaches  Adel 1 apo-DOLOR drops are indicated for all types of headaches including migraine, neuralgia, pain in body and ankles.Highly effective against migraines as well as headaches caused by nervous tension, emotional disturbance or internal regulation dysfunction. Contains Aconitum napellus, Bryonia cretica, Gelsemium sempervirens, Menyanthes trifoliate, Sabadilla, Semecarpus anacardium, Spigelia anthelmia. Dosage Adults  15 to 20 drops,  Children 7 to 10 drops  3 times a day in 1/4 cup of water.
    Schwabe Alpha HA  for Headache due to Tension & Stress Schwabe Alpha-HA is indicated for headache caused by psychological and emotional factors, cold and exertion. It is not a general analgesic but acts as curative in reversible type of headaches.Through its 5 proven homeopathic combinations, each acting on the headache due to different causes, it minimises the frequency & itensity. Contains Spigelia Anthelmia, Glonoinum, Nux vomica, Secale cornutum.
    SBL Relaxhed Tablets and Drops SBL Relaxhed Tablets and drops is indicated for migraine, headache associated with nausea and vomiting, heat of sun, indigestion, nervousness, mental stress.The well balanced combination of homeopathic ingredients in Relaxhed reduces tension and digestive problems to bring relief from acute & chronic headaches caused by mental stress or nervousness etc. Contains Iris versicolor 3x, Cedron 3, Ignatia amara 6x, spigelia anthelmia 6x, Usnea barbata 3x. Dosage:  drops: adults 10-15 drops in 1/4th cup of water, 3-4 times a day or hourly during severe headache. Tablets: 2 tablets, 4 times a day or hourly during severe headache, children- half of the adult dose.
    Bjain Biocombination No 12 Tablets for Headache Bjain Biocombination No 12 Tablets is indications for Headache due to over exertion, excessive worry and sleeplessness. Contains Ferrum phosphoricum 3X, Natrum muriaticum 3X, Kalium phosphoricum 3X, Magnesia phosphorica 3X. Dosage: Adults- 2-4 tablets, 4 times a day, Children- Half the adults dose or as prescribed by the physician.
    Bhargava Migin Tablets for Headache and Mirgraine Bhargava Migin Tablets for Migraine associated with nausea, vertigo and vomiting during traveling. Its indicated Burning sensation in eyes and headache due to defective eyesight. Headache of inflammatory nature. One sided unbearable sun headache. Periodical sick headache due to fever or sudden change in temperature. Dosage: 1 tablet thrice a day or as & when severe headache occurs or as directed by the physician.
    Wheezal WL 22 Homeopathic Migraine drops Wheezal WL 22 Migraine drops is a homeopathic drops for relief from migraine and nervous headaches. Its indicated for relief from migraine associated with nausea, vomiting and photo phobia. It is useful for neuralgia of the head with indisposition due to continuous headache. Migraine is defined an unilateral headache occurring in the day, which begins to occur at the sunrise reaches it maximum noon and then becoming light gradual and ceases at the evening at sunset. Contains Cimicifua. Rac.,Gelsemium. Semp., Iris. Vers., sang. Can., spigelia. Mar., Belladonna., Epiphegus. Dosage: Ten to fifteen drops of Wheezal Wl 22 Migraine Drops in 2 sips of water before every meal four to six times daily as prescribed by the Physician.

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